Ohio UFO Sighting Has Puzzled Local News Reporter

Strange light in the sky on Saturday night left residents in Lorain County and Rocky River as well as interstate drivers puzzled.

According to NewsChannel5, they received four separate UFO reports, including from a police officer and their very own reporter Paul Kiska. All reports describe a mysterious flying object moving in circles.

Ohio UFO

One woman reported she had a goose bump when she saw the light, making her to pull over. She saw also other drivers in the area talking about the same light.

Lorain County Sheriff’s office said that they were very much aware about the reported mysterious light.

Paul Kiska investigated about the light and learned, after interviewing a Lorain county sheriff, that the light was the result of pyrotechnics show near Oberlin, Ohio.

Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh said that the light from pyrotechnics appeared strange above to people 30 miles away as glowing light streamed through the night sky before disappearing. He added that the sky was very clear at that night because of beautiful atmospheric condition. This condition allowed somewhat strange view on Saturday evening.

The video of the sighting was posted to YouTube having a title “UFO Sighting in Ohio May 24th 2014.”

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