UFO/USO base found off coast Malibu, California

A massive underwater structure which looked like a secret UFO/USO facility was discovered 6.66 miles off the shores of Point Dume, Malibu, California. Could this structure be the reason for the mass UFO sightings off the coast of Malibu from the 1950’s?

Enhanced Google Earth imagery of the submerged underwater formation which creates a plateau that measures 1.35 miles by 2.45 miles wide, does not appear to be naturally figured by the ocean water. The upper interior surface of the structure measures 500 feet across making it insusceptible for a nuclear attack. The entire ceiling of the mega-structure is reinforced by over 600 feet tall columns which creates an opening that is 2745 feet wide and 630 feet tall.

The location of the suspected UFO/USO base in Google Earth was discovered by Fade to Black hosts Dale Romero and Jimmy Church of Dark Matter Radio on the 12th of May 2014. The find was aired in Church’s radio program the next day. The topic was posted on Facebook, twitter and other UFO websites. It became a widespread topic among UFO/USO fans.

The unknown structure has the potential to house nuclear sized submarines and other massive under water ships. The secret facility has remained elusive for many years and its discovery today might give strong evidence that would credit most UFO/USO activities in the area near Malibu from 1950’s up to present.

Skeptics say that the image is misguided to be a secret underwater base and the fact that the image is available in Google Earth does not make the structure very secret.

Many still believe that the underwater structure is a secret alien headquarters that might still be operated today. Some are of the opinion that if the government is behind the massive structure, it would just be fair enough for us to deserve an explanation.

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  1. If you take some time to check by yourself on Google earth (33°59 39 N, 119°01&#39;49 O) you will see that this flat plateau is actually some missing data and gives the impression of a flat ceiling supported by columns. These &#39;columns&#39; are actually present on the ridges of a natural plateau, not only along this alledged construction, but also east of it, along miles.<br />This could be

  2. I am aware of many UFO reports that cite &quot;alien craft&quot; emerging from and entering the sea; and I have also read of an alleged &quot;alien&quot; base somewhere off the coast of Puerto Rico, (documented by Timothy Good). However, this looks suspect to me: for example, how do you extrapolate vertical pillars from satellite photographs, when those pillars are aligned perpendicular to the

  3. Like the first Anonymous, i decided to check it out for myself. I have to agree… this looks completely natural, especially when you go to &quot;ground level view&quot; (under water). I wish i could post a screenshot here. i think everyone would agree.

  4. Interestingly, the Google earth images for this structure have been blurred. The entire surrounding areas are crisp and detailed. If nothing to look at, why blur it?<br />

    • AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH! Scott Waring has lots of free time on his hands apparently, because he watches a lot of boring video (probably while high), because he gets out there. I have definitely found errors in many of his analysis vids; the ‘fleet of ufos’ on the moon is actually a flock of birds. I believe his mother ship is a bat. This has been confirmed by photographic (telescope photography) experts, who have no agenda, and no reason to lie. That being said, given all the sightings around Los Angeles, they have to come from somewhere, and we know they do have a base underwater near Catalina Island. When will James Cameron and Douglas Trumbull get together, put Doug’s UFOTOG rig inside Cameron’s DSRV, then take it down, so THE PUBLIC CAN FINALLY GET A GOOD VIEW OF WHAT THIS PLACE IS!?!?!?! BOYS, STOP BEING SO PETTY, and let’s get it on film!!!

  5. You know o&#39;l fred has caught a wave or two from Coronado, Newport Beach, Long Beach, to Malibu and the only uso&#39;s o&#39;l fred has seen has been an increase in human made garbage in that beautiful Big Blue…. and that&#39;s a real shame folks, a real shame.

  6. Hi I have seen a lot of bright lights as well I live in new zealand I know they are ufo,s you may not believe me but it is the truth ok.

  7. So did you all miss the miles, 6.66 miles off the coast of California. ITS THE GATE TO HELL PEOPLE. It’s open for all takers, no lines. no tickets necessary.

  8. We as humans should be told what the hell is going on……Of course there aliens out there we would be stupid to think we are the only ones on this planet. Sound like from what I have read they have been here for a very long time……

  9. Has anyone taken the time to go into this ” so called bay” , or was all the money spent on foreign countries to maintain a war situation that is coming up very soon! Please Please if it is from E.T.’S then let the Government inform us of what we all ready know!!

  10. hello dear.
    i have a basic question .do ufo or uso attack to people or ….? pls send any document about my question till we know these alliens are really dangerous or work for themselvs.

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