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Your UFO reports: 7th June –  14th June 2014
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Pueblo Colorado wheatland Drive Pueblom Colorado 81008 – 14 June 2014 2030-2300
My son and his Friends were outside playing. He came into the house and said he saw what they thought was an airplane but said when it flew over it didn’t make any sound. He also said that the object turned on its side and flew away. He and his friend saw another one and chased it five blocks. He drew me picture and I can only describe it as a UFO. he also took a picture and video but I cant make it out maybe you might have better luck.


Woodland Hills, California – 6/12/14 8;42p.m.
My daughter and I were talking a late afternoon walk, when we looked up in the sky and saw one after another 5 red blinking rotating discs in the sky! One was traveling alone, and soon 4 other ones came in pair, in sync, that seemed to follow the other ‘solo’ traveling alone. There were no other lights, but RED that was surrounding and beaming out of the aircrafts. I knew they were not airplanes, or helicopters, or anything I had ever seen before!

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Guam, western Pacific Ocean – 11th June 2014
I live on Guam, around 10pm, I’m not sure what direction i was heading but i noticed a big blue light flash in the clouds at a 70 degree angle. We don’t have buildings that high in guam. I was shocked so i pulled over, in the same area i saw 2 smaller white lights falling slow at the same speed, then disappeared in the night sky. i wonder if i have a similar story to other people.

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Isle Beach, North Carolina, North Carolina – 10/June/2014
My daughter and I were on the beach house deck around 10 PM on June 10, 2014. We observed 6 small twinkling lights at high altitude with no sound approach from the West. My camcorder would not pick up the twinkling lights but this clip captures four flare like orbs as the twinkling lights passed near the moon ( visible at the top of the screen ). Later, I observed dozens of similar orbs appear at random during the next hour far out over the ocean to the south. They seemed much further away and lasted for 5-10 seconds before fading out. Please set YouTube to HD 1080P setting for best quality.
Youtube video link:

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Washington DC – 6/June/2014
A bright orb moves across the sky and suddenly breaks up unto many objects, like it exploded or it just seperated into many UFOs.
This sighting happened on June 6th aand it happened over Washington DC.

Youtube video link:

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North Dakota – 9th June 2014

I got 2 photos I wanna share, they were taken yesterday in south end of North Dakota.


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Poland – June 2014
Hello, this is some object’s in Poland… I make foto airplane and … white objects


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Russia – June 2014
Large gathering of intelligent moving UFOs over a city in Russia.
These orbs, some are circling others while some are flying about leaving a few that stay staionary, This is breaking the law of physics in terms or lanterns, flares, balloons and RC toys, our aircraft cannot fly like these do and they appear when Russia are in a situation with Ukraine and the west. Are these secret weapons the Russians have shown public or are they aliens here helping Russia as Russia have been the most diplomatic nation of the past few years now. Who know’s
Youtube video link:

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Berlin – May 2014
Hey I just took a timelapse movie 2 weeks ago and was kind of confused as I took a closer look at the pictures ! On 5 of them is this thing, maybe your group is interested in it. Let me know what you think this could be ?
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  1. Phi. that looks too good to be true. if it's true, it's the clearest picture i've ever seen of a ufo. also in the small pic the ufo is much closer to the star than the big pic.

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