UFO iceberg in Eastern Canada – Explained by NSIDC

UFO over Iceberg

The NSIDC short for the National Snow and Ice Data Center now have a conclusive explanation about the strange hovering object over an iceberg filmed in Canada.

The footage was taken by an excursionist while driving on the roads near Salvage, Newfoundland, Eastern Canada. The video of the sighting lasted only for 49 seconds that made many critics complain about. But the recording was able to show enough to raise the curiosity about the two different objects that mysteriously appeared in the home-video. The first one was the unknown ice looking and shape-shifting object floating above an ice formation. The second unidentified object was a smaller bright white object that looked like an orb that went diving straight into the water that appeared at the ending parts of the video.

The NSIDC said that the phenomenon in the video is a kind of ice mirage called as “Fata Morgana.” It is brought about by natural weather condition known as temperature inversion, where hot air that sits above cold air bends light that the human eye or camera lens perceives. This state is inclined to make an object look like floating above the horizon similar to what appeared in the video footage. A picture was later released to show the Fata Morgana mirage in action.

However, the second object that splashed down into the water seemed to be a bit more bizarre than the first one as there is no definitive explanation yet that can give justice to the orb like object. Skeptics say that the object at 0:45 is probably some bird, like that of a Gannet. These birds of flight are also well known for their diving and swimming capability when they hunt for fish, and they are also a common view around the area of the sighting.

The woman who owns the video is open to opinions that will somewhat explain the strangest thing that she has seen over her life.

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