Former Marine Has Disclosed His Tour Of Duty On Mars

secret mars colony

A retired U.S. Marine has claimed that he spent nearly 2 decades of his career on Mars. Using the pseudonym Captain Kaye, the ex-naval infantryman says he was assigned to provide protection of 5 human colonies on the Red Planet from indigenous Martian life forms.

He reveals about the so-called Earth Defense Force, a multinational organisation that recruits personnel from the military in different countries, including the U.S., Russia and China. According to the former naval man, he spent almost 3 years in a secret space fleet run by Earth Defence Force.

Captain Kaye told ExoNews TV that he had trainings of flying 3 different types of space fighters and 3 bombers. He added he was training in deep space, on Saturn’s moon Titan, and on a secret moon base Lunar Operations Command.

Captain Kaye says that he retired after 20 years of service and his retirement was held in a ceremony on the moon, presided over by high ranking officials, such as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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  1. It’s possible we have highly advanced flying vehicles, I even photographed several flying in formation over out fireworks show here 7-3-14, and it might even be possible we have a base elsewhere off planet but, even so I have quite an imagination and have seen enough things to believe in more than 90% of the populace, yet this sounds like quite a stretch of even my imagination, all I can say if this man’s assertions are to be believed, I would have to see these “bases and colonies” with my own eyes to believe such is true and if so, then those in power should be shot as treasonous for withholding such information from humanity because such revelations would change the nature of human existence and completely revolutionize planet earth and all humans existence. While we are killing each other over petty tribal, political, racial and religious differences, such information if true would end all such trivial warfare and must be revealed to our pkanet at all costs, no matter the fist because, such truth if real, must be revealed.

  2. I firmly believe this man has mental issues. As fast as we are progressing as race, we just don’t have the capabilities or the required knowledge necessary. Give it another half century or so and tell me the story.

  3. Please read the book – UNTIL WHEN, MY DEAR GOD, UNTIL WHEN! by Prof. Ram – to be realeased at the end of this month. The world will be STARTLED – AMAZED – DUMBSTRUCK. The world population has been being treated as lab rats – worms – guinea pigs. Find the solution in the book and why the powerful and privileged prefer to continue to maintain humanity and all humankind as farm animals!

    • Googling your (book title?) “UNTIL WHEN, MY DEAR GOD, UNTIL WHEN!” returns a bunch of God prayer sites. Are you a troll?

  4. Loneliness cries deep from my soul,
    Keeps trying to tell me about the world growing so cold.
    Too many people trying to take from my Earth,
    But we can’t live without controlling our birth.

    “Deep inside a voice cries out for you,
    It’s not alone ’cause, people, I been cryin’ too.
    If we don’t stop what we all see is wrong,
    I guarantee you mankind won’t live long.” Loneliness, Grand Funk Railroad 1972. Do yourselves a favor and listen to this good o’l tune.

  5. Seriously? Tye-I think the “powers that be”-desperately COUNT on the populous NOT believing these stories,(ya know what i mean?)…did you ever wonder about Roswell or the kennedy assasination?
    Some of us..-didn’t just fall off the turnip truck…

  6. Strongly believe that for almost two decades,the above mentioned marine,has been smoking mind altering substances.

  7. Another repost from not long ago. But an interesting watch all the same.

    I’m off out to BBQ some Cumberland sausages UK style

  8. The one thing that inclines me to believe Captain Kaye is his account of meeting Donald Rumsfeld on the moon. I’ve always thought that he was a lunatic.

  9. Hard to believe as we are spending Billions on Robotic Exploration of Mars. We alo spend Billions on Rocket Engines yet supposedly have re-engineered UFO technology.

  10. i just thought of something..this would be part of the puzzle of the so-called (female “rock” formation)that was captured on a photo a couple of years back on mars…remember-the human-looking person walking in stride-on mars-that nasa “claimed” was JUST a rock ? this makes sense..

  11. I, like Ty, have a large and open perception of this field. I think we are much further advanced than we are told, but this story is somewhat far-fetched with nothing but a Marine that don’t have a name telling this story. Don’t pass my sniff test…

  12. seriously-are any of you aware of the term..”whistle-blowers”? have you ANY idea how many people have gone missing,& or met with an “untimely death”, or suspicious suicide? do some research…i would hate to be as gullible as some people.,(natural rock-formation-female shaped),on mars..,& “swamp gas”..,1947-“weather balloon” in ROSWELL,& L.A.,(hence the battle of l.a.,in 1942)..(washington flap in 1952-20-30 ufos-over the capital)..what is wrong with people-that you cannot put it together??? you think there is NO evidence?ya know all it takes is to see one ufo–to know–there are more,where they came from!….excuse me-i need to up my prozac

  13. captain kays imaginarey never left earth his new meds made him disperse i think he.s flipt his lid coz using mummies little helpers his mind has slid in to some big psychotic vid hallucinations a terrible thing go back to your shrink as fast as u can my imaginary man zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn .

  14. While I would agree that it is likely “Captain Kaye” is a nutter, do not forget that Edward Snowden, and Brit whistleblower Gary McKinnon both describe seeing US Government documentation that something like an Earth Space Force might exist: We should all be pushing every government POS bureaucrat to open up on this topic (although it is tightly controlled by a covert elite, hidden within the Black programs, so only those perverts with REAL power, like Cheney, Bushdouche, Rummy Rumsfeld, and so on, dictate what that scene is.

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