The 1897 UFO Crash at Aurora, Texas

Aurora UFO Crash

Aurora, Texas, is known to be a legendary site among UFO hunters. Aurora Texas was designated by the state of Texas as a Historical Site but why would a small town get such distinction?

The reason according to the legend of Aurora, long before the Wright Brothers successfully make the first controlled aircraft flight, an alien spacecraft crashed in a small town and a small alien pilot in a military-like suit was found dead in the crash site. Strange materials with hieroglyphic markings were also found scattered in the debris. The alien body was confirmed to be not an inhabitant of the earth. The body was given decent burial in a small north Texas cemetery. A group from the International UFO Bureau, a group that investigates unidentified flying objects wanted to exhume the body to do research but the state of Texas did not permit their request in the local court.

Military personnel were in town not long after the crash. They were believed to have discretely removed the alien body in the grave. The removal of the headstone of the alien grave was also believed to be a part of the military cover up, and all of what remained were the photographs of the headstone marker.

The legend spread further beyond the borders of Texas. News papers, media coverage and another publication to account the testimonies of several eyewitnesses, and they all agreed in the basic facts of the legend that an airship crashed landed in the small peaceful town of Aurora and a being “not of this world” was found dead in the wreckage.

Plans to dig the alien grave to see what evidence may remain was brought up by some experts, but townsfolk disagreed to do it but they all agreed to leave the grave alone and let the legend of Aurora, Texas live.

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