UFOs allegedly landed in Dordogne, France 5-Jul-2014

ufos landing in france

This interesting video of a three UFOs allegedly landing in a forest was recorded in Dordogne, France on Saturday, 5th July 2014.

Witness report: I filmed four UFOs over a forest in Dordogne, France. It was during a beautiful sunset. I looked between two houses to discover the nice sky, when I saw these objects. I had may Canon 700D in hands, hopefully I could record quickly! I think these objects were there since a long time. This is probably a landing. Indeed, the three objects seem to descend and get behind the trees…

I couldn’t know more about this event, this is a ghost village, only 50 inhabitants in the area. None of them was outside to witness these UFOs with me! I checked on Google map, and the forest in front of me is alone in the middle of huge lands. I don’t see how anyone else could have seen them too.. 🙁

Author (WTFflow @ youtube)


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  1. Don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but that was hot air balloons. The flashes of light was the burners as they slowly descended

  2. O’l fred had a pal who was earnest and frank with women…. He was Earnest in the U.S.A. and Frank in France.

  3. a genuine sighting very good pics i believe this is a true video of alien craft out in the middle of nowhere as you would expect them to land without any intrusion .from the masses .

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