Donut-shaped UFO over Gudalajara, Mexico 4-Jul-2014

donut ufo

This interesting video of a donut-shaped object hovering in the sky above Gudalajara in Mexico was recorded on Friday, 4th July 2014 at 4:34 pm.

Watch it below:

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  1. one of these days the world is going to know why these “things” are showing up and being seen, as they have been since time began. i don’t believe it will be for harm, but to bring humanity to enlightenment.

    • only cause i read alot of ufo books, and have read thousands of accounts from people. i like to think they are harmless.

  2. The Shamans, for example Don Juan Matus who was the teacher of Carlos Castaneda, think this are the Beeings which invade our race around 5000 years ago and give us there Consicioness because the want to steal our liveenergie and that this is the reason that we always talk to ourselves…they are also called the Archons.
    Best Regards
    The Incal

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