UFO fleet caught on tape over Guadalajara, Mexico 1-Jul-2014

mexico ufos

New video of  some kind of a UFO/orb fleet hovering in the daytime sky above Guadalajara, the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. This was recorded on Tuesday, 1st July 2014.

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  1. FAKE. Just ballons you can see them clearly turning in the sky. I wish that when they shot /film the shot they could get a clear picture of it. STOP SHAKING the camara.

  2. If you continue to post the obvious balloons, aircraft and antenna towers without professional screening, you will not only lose a lot of serious viewers but you will damage the reputation of serious ufologists by sensationalizing spammers, scammers, hacks and frauds who are seeking their moments of fame.

  3. THE CAMERA SHAKE IS DUE TO THE long distance shot – whenever you shoot telephoto, the smallest movements close-up become irritatingly large down field.

    Looks like a group of balloons with some singles, yes; but it also looks like it could be orbs, with a larger craft using the ‘balloon cloak’ – I have seen this effect with the morphing orbs/ saucers using the cloak; not sure how the ufo’s do it, but if the orbs hover motionless, they are NOT balloons, and the large craft that looks like a balloon group is indeed a ufo.

    Shoot the orbs first, and if you can validate motionlessness (a balloon will NEVER be motionless, as the smallest wind current will affect it), then you have orbs.Then you can focus on the ‘balloon group’, and watch it shape-shift (morph) – THE ORBS CAN DO THIS TOO, ALTHOUGH NOT AS LARGE A SHAPE. Sorry ’bout CAPS – I Fing hate typing on keyboards!

    • if you realize you are typing with caps on, you can always go back and correct it! what do you usually type on?

  4. Say now o’l fred had a pal who always had a shaky hand too, that o’l boy couldn’t even hold on to his sausage without shakin, only thing finally helped that fella out was marrying a good woman.

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