Bright object making maneuvers over Perry Hall, Maryland 2-Aug-2014

fast UFO

New UFO sighting recorded in Perry Hall, Baltimore County, Maryland. This was taken on 2nd August 2014.

Witness report: In Perry Hall, I was working on laptop from my car. I saw this object out of the corner of my eye. There was a big lightning storm moving in from west when it appeared in clear skies of the east.

I thought maybe it was a remote-control airplane, but it would have been very large at the apparent distance it was at, and it climbed straight up at the end.

I wasn’t sure if an RC airplane could do that. I videotaped it on my cellphone, but didn’t realize it was still in view when I stopped recording.

Later when showing the footage to a military friend of mine, I noticed it reappeared at the end going straight up behind a tree – hadn’t noticed at the time.

Military friend said it didn’t look like a drone. Just curious what it was – it was interesting to watch.


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  1. i don’t think people realize (the ones who never go outside,and the clueless ones) that there are so many remote controlled toys like this now. when one sees a real ufo, one realizes it. there’s no question, and it’s highly unlikely you will ever capture it on film, let alone even have a camera on you. the ones who do capture it are very very lucky. (not this one)

  2. hmm well, I still think its just an RC toy of some sort (with extra bright LED lighting on).
    Why, well it loops to the left of the tree like I would loop my RC plane and also it doesn’t cover a large area of being kept within transmitter range..
    My thoughts.

  3. I am located in the north western portion of MD.. i saw a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, slow falling bright object. I thought it was a shooting start, but it seems to be going so slow, that it almost was just floating.. I’m not one to even look at sites like this, let alone comment.. Any info please let me know

  4. On February 29-2016 at 8:35pm I watched a triangular set of 7 lights pass through the clouds above Whitemarsh. Each light had to be two football fields in diameter. No sound at all, moved very slowly in a southern direction. I watched it for a good 15 minutes.

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