Triangular object filmed over Kassel, Germany 26-Jun-2014 +Update


This video of a triangle UFO  is probably too good to be true, but I’ll post it anyway. It was allegedly recorded over Kassel,  a town located on the Fulda River in northern Hesse, Germany on 26th June 2014.

This is all the available info about this sighting. What do you think about this? Real deal or just a CGI? Please leave your comment below!


Triangle UFO Over Germany Creates Contrasting Ideas Among Enthusiasts

Without a doubt, it’s not easy to identify hoaxes among UFO videos and photos. Computer technology also contributed to the confusion. Anyone with computer knowledge could make and post real-looking UFOs to social sharing sites faster than you might think. However, the footage usually not subjected to a comprehensive examination.

Just recently, a triangular UFO was caught on cam over Kassel, Germany on 26th of June 2014 by a man who was capturing a video of his son playing in the park.

UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily believes it is real because of the fact that the one who took the video blurred out the face of his child and did not really get the focus of the UFO in the video. Additionally, Waring points out that the UFO’s lighting and shading match to that of trees and bars of the jungle gym.

However, other experts say otherwise. Mutual UFO Network chief photo and video analyst Marc Dantonio says that he found two giveaway segments suggesting the UFO is computer-generated. He says that the object shouldn’t be affected by the motion when the cameraman shifts up and down a bit. He explains that the triangular UFO video in Germany should look to travel smoothly across the sky but as the camera moves, the object shifts in direct correlation to the camera’s movements.

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  1. FAKE! Also stupidly concocted. The guy purportedly films his boy on the playground, so he looks at the display of his recoding device. Even if such a craft were flying above, he wouldn’t have seen it, unless being alerted by someone nearbye. But there is nobody to be heard. Also that kind of object is not difficult to insert into a video. We’ve seen similar videos before. Also jokingly, UFO’s are not allowed to fly, land etc., or be filmed in Germany.

    • It’s looks like a famous Belgium UFO from The years of 1989-1992.:-) So may be it’s fake or real but Something is wrong totaly. There was a lot of UFO news from all over the world. I am sure that not every photos and video are fake.Some important percentage is real. They are with us. 🙂

  2. Clouds look wrong and repeated, in these cases I look everywhere but at the ‘craft’ for clues. [ magicians expect you to look at the marvellous misdirection ]

  3. fake/ not that i don’t believe this object has been seen, but in this case, he starts to film it and lets it go behind a stack and trees without adjusting his stance to follow it, to see more??
    one of the most amazing sights someone will see and he makes no effort to see more of it?

  4. Yes, the voting that used to work on the old website is onviously heavily flawed.
    Regarding this video, it’s also interesting to note that the guy intentionally introduced camera-shake beforehand at the point in time, where the object would be made to disappear behind the tree, quite obviously to blur artefacts.

  5. Pixels around fake object, handy to use children for sense of reality, but still very easily seen as fake once it appears. Nice try.

  6. OK, So you are hard up for content. But showing obvious fakes does you no credit if you want folks to have any confidence at all in your website.

  7. I must admit that looks very fake when it goes behind the post you see artifacting, but when you know the americans really have craft like this (tr-3b) and they DO you never know this could be real footage …

  8. I can’t get the fake button to work either. First time we “see” the object, it has a square pixel surrounding it and then when it enters the smokestacks frame, it first overlaps the stack and then it pops behind it. Total 3rd grade CGI.

  9. could be true video or a cgi if video was longer ufos usually have energy glow around them or lights at each corner like triangular crafts have in other videos over the yrs ?

  10. On 13 seconds in the film one can see a pixel anomaly, like the UFO has been glued onto the film, its a Fake! Shame though..

  11. Fake videos and ones that misrepresent reality DO NOTHING to help us understand UFO phenomena. It is two steps back each time one of these come out and distract us!

    • (wikipedia) Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, commercials, and simulators.

  12. i once gave LUFOS holy hell over a blatantly phony video. i thought my letter worked for awhile. now we have this one that they put up. the dears who work here must be newly hired people. so now i say to LUFOS, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP TAKING THE PUBLIC FOR A BUNCH OF SAPS. we are much more intelligent than you seem to realize.

  13. “Germany on 26th of June 2014 by a man who was capturing a video of his son playing in the park”

    I first saw this fake vid 6 months ago in a vid compilation called ‘Fake UFO videos’ LOL

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