Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2014

ufos july 2014
Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2014 by

6th July 2014; bright object – Milan, Italy

7th July 2014; triangle formation – France

14th July 2014; unknown lights – Studio City, California

17th July 2014; bright light – West Kelowna, Canada

17th July 2014; unidentified flying objects – Paris, France

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  1. A lot of what I’ve just been looking at is similar to what I’m seing on a almost nightly basis, its always just one thow just a bright star looking object but actually moving an like i said its almost on a Nightly basis ,starting to think I’m goin mad, something is definitely going on its crazy. I’ve tried explaining it rationally in my head? All I can come up with is that their man made some sort of experiment some sort of trick to frighten us to death. Or it’s something else. I’m starting to think its Guardians watching over us all Maybe who knows i just always seem to see what ever it is.

  2. When I was a little girl some 50 years ago I use to sit outside with my Native American grandfather and watch the sky for satellites. that’s what he told me and others! but my mother later told me he saw something in Virginia City when he use to mine for gold or whatever they mine there was something he did for employment. Mom said he saw something on a dirt road as he was traveling to work come down out of the sky and land on the road before him then take off at an incredible speed. It frightened him and fascinated him at the same time. He never talked about it to other people because he knew people wouldn’t believe it so instead he spent many nights outside watching the skies hoping to see this mystery again. He taught me to sit still and watch for movement in the heavens and sometimes we did find satellites but nothing like he saw close up in Virginia City, Nevada.

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