The biggest surprises of the 2014 Crop Circles

2014 crop circles

2014 crop circle season in England has brought great surprises. The circles do not appear where they used to.  This amazing season is presented in the video below by Fernando Correa (Tercer Milenio).

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  1. Can’t decide if it s man made or no.(some are,obviously )
    The rate at which they appear seems a bit too much for “Alien” or Military…
    but complexity of some design ,size or precision..and the basket “weaving” thing…

    Perhaps it s possible, that does require a few people to do that at night,within few hours…but afaik no one get caught yet.( i am sure some would be happy to catch a “circle maker” )

    On the other hand,artists did a big crop circle on sand.. during the day,and it s sand, but result is impressive.
    Ok it s damaging fields, but why does no one claim the biggest crop circles? under graffiti artists.
    Some are world record..Can’t believe people do it for free,anonymously , years after years…that is a lot fo work to prepare execute this, so i don’t know

  2. According to H. P. Blavatsky, in “The Secret Doctrine,” the five-pointed star with two points (or horns) facing upward is an esoteric symbol of the Kali Yuga time cycle, the Age of Iron. Most of the early pentagrams had a single point facing the South.

  3. So some older men-back in the 70s,admitted to a few (homely) crop circles.Every since then-they think they were responsible.People should do their research-Crop circles have been showing up for over 300 yrs..MOST of the crop circles have radiation within them,& the stalks are UNBROKEN..Personally,I think they are coming from within the earth-through some sort of sound resonance,&/or vibrational technique..just saying

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