Mysterious Light Anomaly Witnessed Over Ocean Isle Sky In North Carolina

ocean isle ufos

The anomaly in the sky over Oean Isle Beach has caused intrigued among locals this weekend. A tourist on Ocean Isle Beach witnessed the mysterious aerial activity featuring strange lights that shot up and did a half circle maneuver. Vacationer Woozy Dell, who spent a weekend get-away in the beautiful island, saw another one appearing.

She saw a series of dots across the sky, seemed to be glowing orb, displayed several changes in color and multiplied in number.

Dell said that she saw 2 lights before another one appeared and then she started counting when the 4th one came. She was then wondering what she just saw. The color of the lights were orange, red and white.

Dell saw the entire strange activity late Saturday night, which lasted around 17 minutes. Dell said that she won’t forget what she witnessed that night because the lights were so strange.

She revealed that someone sent an email who claimed to have also seen the mysterious lights in the Wrightsville Beach sky, but no one can tell what they were.

Dell said that she went out the next night looking for the same lights to appear but to no avail.

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  1. I think the woman reporter was trying to keep the story serious and gave it the respect it deserved, then that guy had to be the clown and turn it into a joke. Typical reporting by him on this particular subject, but nice try by her to report it seriously.

  2. I saw the same “dots” just a short while ago. They moved the same, circular and left to right then back left, the lights dimmed several times and then they disappeared! My dog was growling really low and when I tried to go outside to get a better look, he went crazy barking and wouldn’t let me.

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