New TV series from History Channel: In Search of Aliens

in search of aliens

In Search of Aliens: The Hunt for Atlantis
History Channel, Season 1 Episode 1
25th July 2014

Ever since Plato first wrote about the mysterious island of Atlantis, it has captured the imagination of adventurers and academics alike. Was Atlantis merely a myth, or could it have actually existed in the remote past? Did Atlantis just disappear as Plato described? And could it have been the home of an advanced civilization that created the human race? Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explores the most recent discoveries related to the centuries old story of Atlantis. By investigating a series of clues, Tsoukalos endeavors to narrow down the possible location of Atlantis. Could evidence be found in a strange egg-shaped stone in Portugal? What secrets can be uncovered on the island of Santorini, Greece? Could Atlantis have been an empire with a network that stretched around the world? Or was it something else entirely? Something that, perhaps, came from the stars?

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  1. atlantis was not the first civilization.Lemuria was the first on earth.Information from Master Dwall Khul,the Tibet Master of wisdom.

  2. It is not a matter of “fake”, “real” or “not alien” .. that is a leading question and multiple choice answers with limited resulting information. This is a matter of “worth additional consideration and thought”.

  3. This is what I was waiting for. So far so good. There are so many good stories out there about this subject, he can be there a long time. Ask me and so many other who have witnessed more than one dozen sightings and very different from one an other.

  4. That blew my mind on Santorini the depictions of the men in feathered cloaks,just like they wore in Enki’s Absu mines-& was not Enki Poseidon?
    Now-a-days I always awake at nights, the moment i saw that humans are really abducted by aliens for ALIEN IMPLANTS.

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