Noiseless Bell-Shaped UFO Spotted in Hawaii

bell shaped ufo

A Keaau, Hawaii resident claims to have seen a silent, bell-shaped UFO with 2 rows of lights less than seventy yards away, according to Case 58688 on August 6, 2014 from the MUFON witness reporting database.

The witness initially thought that the lights he witnessed on May 5, 2014 around 4:30 early in the morning were tail lights. He saw the two red lights side by side-by-side just close to the end of a dirt road.

The witness observed the lights bouncing in unison and then bouncing up and out of sight. He considered the activity as unusual but did not immediately rule out unique reflection.

The witness claims that he has significant knowledge in sky watching. According to his report, he spent sky watching on Mauna Kea all by himself and volunteering to operate the Visitor Center’s telescopes. The witness further says he counted more than a dozen satellites in one night and saw different flares from the military base, illumination and signal. He also claims that he has seen the ISS passing over the mountain, teardrop meteors, moon bows and a sprite.

Based on the witness’ report, it appears that he has seen everything that would make ordinary people scream UFO.

After around 10-15 minutes of seeing the two red lights, his attention shifted to an object much closer to him at approximately 50-75 yards away. The mysterious object has a shape the same to a bell with red lights. He did not see it take off or land. The object did not make any sound, according to the witness.

The witness’ dog appeared not aware of the object. When the witness called his dog, his voice sounded like he was in a vacuum as if it was very loud and originated in front of a witness, according to the report.

According to the witness, the object was approximately 15 ft tall and 10 ft across the base. He observed 2 strips of lights spinning diametrically. While the witness managed to make out the shape, he could not make out any features because of the bright lights, which he describes as very plasmatic in nature, but the colors did not blend and were very apparent.

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  1. Sitting in the front of a Continental 767 going into Hawaii from NYC.
    I had my face glued to the window watching the headland (still a way off)to my right……….forward all I could see was ocean…..below a couple of fishing boats going out to deep water.

    I saw a faint light coming toward the aircraft……
    I thought I was seeing something on land even though I could not see land.
    The light increased in size coming straight toward the plane. Obviously this was not land or land based.
    Suddenly it was upon us and moved up the side of the aircraft and past my window and over the wing…..

    It was an orb of a salmon colour.
    I would have thought it was large balloon except I intuitively felt it had intelligence or was intelligent. It moved as if in slow motion but yet it was going really fast…………….I felt it almost stopped in front of my face before sliding by.

    I know how idiotic this sounds.

    No, I have no explanation for why I thought that it was intelligent but that was the thought I had…..what instantly appeared in my mind.

    I immediately looked over to the girl sitting next to me, she was sound asleep…………..even with all of the noise of them preparing the cabin for landing….and she was still comatose……..I wanted to see if anyone else saw.

    Then some little hands came over the seat in front of me and a little blonde head poked up and said; did you see my friend?

    My own personal Twilight Zone; except for me it was as real as this keyboard I type on.

  2. Last April, i was vacationing with my wife and baby, in an Israeli Coastal town.
    While getting back from the beach I noticed in the wide open sky (few clouds here and there but in broad daylight), a kind of a trail, those that make planes sometimes, except that this time the trail was cut off, as if propulsion was being pushed for few seconds then cutted off… wondering what was flying that high, i began to see 2 small dark triangle flying next by, could have been military jet, but no noise at all… dead silent…and fast! (from north to south, following the coast). I told my wife to look at it, she saw it too. It was quick, didn’t have the time to record it. And I’m thinking of a secret military jet, but the no noise at all was what stunned me because it clearly had a kind of propulsion (that was going on and off according to the irregular trail)…
    There were a lot of people on the beach at this time but the no noise, and the high flying made it hard to notice…. wonder if there are any kind of similar reports like mine around?

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