Possible alien sighting in Argentina

alien in argentina

A group of tourists allegedly photographed an unknown small being in Capilla del Monte in Argentina. These images of a humanoid creature have not been confirmed yet, but they’are very interesting.

Find out more information in the video below:

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    • Guido o’l freds got a pal named Guido out a S.E. Mexico. That fella spends some time on the street holdin a sign that says… massage 5 bucks, ladies free….

  1. We just sited a UFO over I-24 10miles east of Murfreesboro, Tennessee at 10:10 PM CDT 08/02/2014; what was a greenish blue light traveling at supersonic speed after hovering then the sky lite up and it traveled east faster than a rocket.

  2. sorry, look more like a mannequin
    common sense says, it will be more than just one moving around
    also where is the alien craft

  3. O’l fred thinks that there photo looks more like johnny paycheck singing, U can take this job and shove it i ain’t workin here no mo….

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