LUFOS update


Hi there!

The reaction buttons below the posts (Your opinion) didn’t work correctly since we moved to a new platform. I just fixed the bug, and it’s working like a charm now.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. it still appears that your traffic is still way down from the change,
    and external user/visitor (text/video content) posts seem to have declined dramatically and almost all of the posts appear to be posted by your webmaster. With a bit over 50% approval in votes isn’t very impressive. Some of your layout format had improved a bit. Utilizing the thumbnails lessened all the multiple pages of the Homepage but with the plain white background the new site still lacks any character.
    But as I said before your visitor posts are way down, even regulars like Poster handle something like(TZ71)from Texas or Mexico, and all the other visitor or external posts. All of that content is important and seems to have disappeared.
    Until you give your site some character like it used to and get those
    external posts up, I believe your traffic and viewership is just going to go downhill.

  2. @dkr stop spreading your negativity! And start writing logical text, i can’t understand the hald you said. according to the likes, lufos has better popularity now then before!

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