Top military UFO sightings

New Mexico Green Fireball Sightings

New Mexico Green Fireball SightingsThe Green Fireball Sightings, as the name suggests, are the series of sightings of green balls in the skies over New Mexico between December 1948 and April 1955. Just about everybody in the area claimed to have witnessed green fireballs.

The government thought it was a meteor or a comet streaking across the horizon. So, the government brought Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, a meteor expert.

LaPaz comprehensively studied on the subject and concluded that the behavior of the fireballs can’t be considered meteors or that of any natural phenomena. LaPaz based his conclusion on the rate the fireballs were being witnessed, coupled with the slow speeds and absence of rock bits trailing the objects.

The Air Force conducted its own investigation dubbed as Project Twinkle. Many did find the name funny, but the Air Force was dead serious about the situation. A lot of the fireballs were spotted above Los Alamos National Laboratory. The investigation was aimed to determine whether it was Russians, aliens or angels from Heaven. After a couple of years, however, Air Force investigators knew nothing more than the time they started. They only knew that they were balls, green and on fire.

When the Air Force stopped its investigation, it finally concluded sunspots or some kind of new meteor or something. However, LaPaz dismissed the conclusion and insisted that none of the explanations made sense. The green fireball sightings continued even after the investigation shutdown. Until today, nobody really knows what had caused the phenomenon.

Chiles-Whitted Aerial UFO Encounter

There have been reports from airline pilots about their UFO encounters, mostly involve near collision encounters. Some were proven to be meteors, but there are cases that remain a mystery until today, including the Chiles-Witted encounter.

Chiles-Whitted-UFO-EncounterThe sighting, which named after World War II veterans and commercial airline pilots Clarence Chiles and Charles Whitted, took place in the early hours of July 24, 1948 when pilot Chiles and co-pilot Whitted reported to have avoided a UFO that they described as a large flying dildo.

According to the investigation made by the Air Force, the two pilots were very experienced in their job and both of them claimed to have seen a strange craft flying alongside with them very closely. It was not a flash of light zipping through. Both pilots said they had a good look at it for 10 to 15 seconds.

Some people suspected the two pilots were dropping acid minutes earlier the encounter. However, it’s worthy to note that one of the passengers of the plane also saw it. The three of them described it as a rocket-like craft, conical in shape, has 2 decks lined with windows, which emitted a nearly blinding light from underneath the craft.

The pilots radioed the control about the UFO they had just encountered at that time and tried to be sound professional by asking if there was any experimental aerial object in the area.

When the Air Force investigated the report, investigators got another witness from a member of the ground crew who said that he also has seen a similar object an hour before the report by Chiles and Whitted. Added to the mystery was the report that the same UFO was sighted in the Netherlands a month earlier.

The first official explanation released by the military and the government was a weather balloon, later retracted and changed to a meteor. Both pilots totally rejected the idea since they know very well about meteors.

On the flip side of the story, the Air Force investigators reportedly submitted a conclusion that it was indeed an alien spacecraft but superiors handed the report back to the investigators with a red stamp on it. They said that a UFO should not be always associated to little green men. The explanation might be reasonable, but the question of its real identity remains a mystery.

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