Paris, France: Fast UFO caught on tape by a TV News – September 2014

UFO in Paris

This UFO sighting was submitted to me by a reader. It seems that a TV news report about the recent Air France strike shows a very fast and bright UFO over Paris, France. This was most likely taken on 25th September 2014.

What’s your thoughts about this footage? Please leave your comment below!

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      • Just real will do thanks LOL. Why abuse me simply because I don’t blindly believe that every pic and vid is a real UFO ? I have seen things with my own eyes to know UFO’s are real, and also to know what clearly isn’t.

  1. If you look closely you can see a visual residual in the pixels after the alleged UFO flies by. Myself, I say this is fake. enlarge the video and look closely at the slow motion part. You’ll see the video residual trail. only fake videos do this from computer animation.

  2. I swear, some people have no depth perception, no speed perception, and simply no perception. I estimate the speed of the UFO to be just over 6000 mph, by using approximate distances to the far hill and the dark clouds above the hill, where the UFO came out of and became visible for about i second. Either way it’s faster than anything man-made that I am aware of.

  3. I have a picture of three ufos.
    Aged 11&27 was on ufo, Challenger, Columbia fall.

    On 8th jan 2012 see ufo, right above me, it gone and a mans face seen

    Twice this year seen ufo, last time on Mallua bridge in France, 3 clear as day flying saucers.

    Oh, I seen ‘GOD’ ALMIGHTY and ‘JC’ to

  4. Yoi want to se my ufo picture, you clearly see a door open in sky, then five false lights, (you are aware thier a 6 devils on ufo, 5 males 1 female), some great distancd sway, then a seconed pic, nothing is seen. Third pic, clear as day, three ufos on me with two higher up.

    nasa knows who I AM. Saint ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel

    This alien is satin, and he is kidnapping people and testing eggs and seed, given scientists the information to bring satin back to life.

  5. In my alien ufo, a door way is seen.

    Indeed the Steps to Heaven.

    Tetrad, 4 Blood moons. Two off the moons to celebrate end 40 years, and Prophecy 5776, when the Messiah aged 40, next year, 2015.

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