Amazing activity in the sky above Devizes, Somerset – July 2014


This interesting sighting was just recently reported to MUFON. These unknown lights or orbs war recorded over Devizes in Somerset, UK on 21st October 2014.

Witness report: It was viewed just along from Oliver’s Castle on Roundway hill, near Devizes at around 10pm -10:30pm on Saturday 26th July. 6 or so appeared to begin with, they were very bright, almost looked like burning balls of fire in the air, but concentrated. We dismissed Chinese lanterns early on because they started moving in formation, with & against the wind & the brightness of them (from 3miles away) was so remarkable; they lit the ground beneath them. We were approximately 3 miles as i said from this event which was taking place directly opposite us at roughly 1000ft. above the horizon & just behind Devizes city centre. They made two pronounced formations, an Orion’s belt type thing followed by a triangle. The balls were intermittently turning off an on (as if there were on a switch, noticed the fade off & on of them), then reappearing (unless there were more) in different locations. I started the video after about 5 minutes of this & that would have been the video you saw. The energy that seem to hold all of us was remarkable. I was with 2 friends, one of which has served 5 years in the army. We are positive that due to the nature, movements, feeling we all had & sheer size & brightness of theses that they weren’t at all normal or from Earth. The film doesn’t do the event much justice at all. We have another two video accounts also. I will rack my brain for more info as I’m sure there is more that’s escaped me, will also speak to my friends, but all our accounts at the time were exactly the same. It was happening, weren’t drunk or on any drugs.

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  1. I lived in Glastonbury a few years ago, and I regularly used to see things like this in the early hours of the morning. My house was on top of a hill, so there was a huge skyscape right over to the Mendip Hills. On a couple of occasions my son and lodger also witnessed them at the same time, and on one occasion the old lady who lived opposite saw them as well…some of them behaved exactly as you describe appearing and disappearing.I contacted the local paper about it on one occasion, and after my letter was published a good many other s reprted seeing similar things….

  2. My issue with videos like this, with professional looking graphics and scored with spooky music, is that it plays more like entertainment than reality. If you just want to have a professional “look,” I get that. I worked in video production for over 20 years. But the music is just too much on these clips. It’s also distracting and plays on our feelings while we’re trying to understand what it is we’re looking at. In this case, they look like flares.

    • all we can do is mute the video. I listen to it as soon as I open the video, and if there is music I mute it. I don’t care if I’m missing something in the commentary, i’ll mute any music for a ufo video. also I find it way better to focus on a silent video than to be “distracted” by any music that can ruin it.

  3. a lot of military exercises take place on Salisbury plain and these are parachute flares they slowly decend and burn out before they touch the ground

  4. They absolutely look like flares to me, what is it about them that would say differently? I don’t see anything but flares sorry to say. I think too many people are jumping on the Youtube bandwagon and just putting anything out there as UFO’s when they are just regular everyday objects.

  5. I live right in this area. Some commentators here are correct – they are Mil Para Flares with a doubt. We see them all the time here. The video I have linked is very similar but was taken from Avebury Wiltshire, which is where I live..

  6. No not flares…I’ve seen UFO’s and theses are similar, not totally the same positions held in the air as what I saw but the lights of them and their staying in the air is somewhat similar…if these are faked then a good job of faking was done…anyhow, any of you doubters out there, about if UFO’s exist, yes “they do exist” and you don’t need the government to tell you that to believe it, for heaven’s sake.

  7. Firstly, Devizes is in Wiltshire, not Somerset. Secondly, Devizes is not a city. Thirdly, there is a large military training area in Wiltshire that sends up FLARES (big, bright orbs in the sky) on a regular basis. I see these orbs regularly at night and I live in Devizes! Why the hell would alien UFOs hover over some English hills and start turning lights on and off? Stop chasing this ridiculous fantasy and get over the fact that glowing lights and crop circles have nothing to do with aliens!

    Also did you know there are glyphs of white horses on hills around Wiltshire? We’re being visited by ALIEN WHITE HORSES!! IT’S THE APOCOLYPSE!! GET THE TIN FOIL HATS AND SEND DISTRESSING MIND-WAVES INTO SPACE FOR EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL HELP!! WE’RE DOOMED!!

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