Amazing video: UFO filmed from a plane

Air France UFO

This interesting UFO video was filmed on Air France plane. The exact location is unknown, but the plane was apparently headed to France. This happened on October 2014.

What do you think about this footage? Real or fake? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Giving the benefit of the dought. Had it been faked it would have been a clearer “enhanced” photograph. I have seen a very large craft in the past which opened my eyes to the fact that with all the planetary systems there is other life forms and life far advanced to ours, as well as life just beginning on plants.

  2. As with most videos Looknowtv produces, this is a hoax. I detail some of their work in both episodes of my show, which they have attempted to suppress with false copyright claims:

  3. Looks real enough to me but who can tell. People are seeing things , what are they . With all our technology we stil cant find out so ask yourself , is our technology really any good after all . The answer lays in my question . Think about it .

  4. UFO does not equal alien space ship. UFO = unidentified flying object…….ie”..bird, plane, balloon, dirigible, helicopter, frisbee, pig…..,etc……..NOT alien spaceship. Sheesh.

  5. The object appears above the clouds, so one would think, if it is metallic, it should be reflecting sunlight (unless it is a Stealth Jet, as one comment suggests). I don”t think it is a fake, but in this technological age, it is becoming virtually impossible to distinguish a fake from the real thing.

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