Bright object hovering above Colorado Springs 11-Oct-2014

Colorado Springs UFO

Here’s a new UFO video of a bright object hovering for a quite some time in the daytime sky above Colorado Springs. This was filmed on Saturday, 11th October 2014.

Witness report: These 3 videos were shot from my porch. The first video starts right after the first object ascended, and started glowing brighter, then started to descend. All three videos were shot within about 6 or 7 minutes. I apologize for my poor camera work, and language.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. What time of day was it? If it was getting to be around dusk, it could have been Venus, which is one of the brightest objects in the sky and comes out much earlier than the rest. A little tip on holding the camera steady is lean it up against something, and get it dialed in, then just hold it like that without zooming in and out all the time.

    • my camera isn’t good enough to even lean. I know a little. I believe that saturn was lined up with another planet at that time. Wasn’t it. It was there before that. I took clear pixs but my little camera doesn’t show the shape. From here which is south of C.S. by 50 miles, this thing was south of me To be exact it was 25 to 30 degrees southwest
      Looked like over water about 3 miles away. If you would like pictures email me at hillbilly111557 [at] and I’ll send you a few of them .maybe you have software that can make up for cheap camera

  2. I also watched in sugar city, just south-east of colorado spring. I got my bird classes out of van and you could clearly see 3 lights under. I watched for 45 mins before dark. Wind was blowing between 12 and 20 mph. clear sky and it looked like it was just setting over lake to me. No wobble nothing. I was watching to see if it remained till and after dark. It remained till after sun went down yet at dark was gone. Weather man said that night it was a weather balloon. If you can find a silver triangle with 3 lights (round lights) that can stand that still in wind that is a weather balloon, that would be the one.

    • I went to a bird class once. it was a beautiful country setting, and I learned about many birds in my bird class! (yes, I have very dry humour)

    • The person who earlier claimed to have shot this video is a liar! This is a HD video. You have to see the still frames from the video. It can be downloaded from MUFON database case # 60599

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