Australia: Huge flying saucer during storm 13-Oct-2014

storm ufo

I just received these two interesting photos of a huge flying saucer in the sky above Rosemeadow in NSW, Australia. They were taken during storm on Monday, 13th October 2014.

What do you think this strange object was? You can leave your comment below the post. The photos were submitted to my Facebook page.

Here’s the first photo (click on the image to enlarge):

Storm UFO

And here’s the second one, which I guess was taken before the previous one:

Storm UFO

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  1. Kinda looks like the ceiling lamp of the living room, reflected in the window. At first I was wowed, but this is clearly not a UFO

  2. At first glance it looks like it could be a ceiling light fixture but in the second pic there is more definition of size and scale. So an interesting photo whatever it is.Too defined to be a lenticular.

  3. I dont know if it is real or not.
    However, the storm that is in the image with the saucer or reflection (not a reflection of a light fitting because we do not have light fittings like that here)….was one of thee strangest storms I have ever been through here in 40 years.
    Words can not describe the extremely weird lightning and the noise and the every direction rain and hail……….and the duration……some eight hours and it is still raging as I type.

    It was a storm that had other world characteristics, like a Syfy movie.


  5. It definitely is an UFO and not the reflection of the ceiling Fan! If it were a reflection you would see the ceiling Fan Fully and not hidden behind the cloud as seen in the picture. It is taken from inside the room so you can see a part of the curtain lace on the top left corner of the second picture and still the UFO is hidden behind the clouds. we have been noting that in recent times all the UFO activities are happening with the appearance of Clouds, as if they are camouflaging their arrival with a Storm and it could be possible with advanced technology they may have.

  6. Looks like the reflection of a light fitting I mean you can see the shape of the person if you look close enough. Side note we do actually have those light fittings here in Australia we have two of them in our house

  7. I believe its quite possible for it to be a UFO… I have done some research and apparently they do like to take cover amidst the storms… I saw a UFO during a storm in Gympie 2 years ago… I only saw it due to the lightning flashes… It sure made me believe!!!

  8. The pictures do not look real to me, more like a cover for ceiling fan, but who am I to say, about 12.30 pm October 16th 2014 I looked out my bedroom slding door window to see if the cat was at the door @Charlestown NSW and on my iphone compass said 90 Degrees east (I dodnt know how to use a compass anyway) it looked a long way away I thought it was a star because it was bright like a star and then it started moving sought like from one side to the other side and down and closer but still all around the one spot it was bright like a star but was not a star different lights where coming of it I guess you could say the colours were spinning I saw red and green and the bright white colour I did think about recording it on my iphone but it was to far away and I had this stupid thought what if they see the light from my phone.It was high up in the sky to far for any aircraft or hellicopter and then it moved further away till no more I dont know I will never know but I will be looking more, I am a 53 old female my mother saw a UFO many years ago in Albury NSW along with the rest of the town alot of people saw it I cant remember I think maybe 1960s no one will ever change her mind she said it was shaped like a football anyway thats the first time I have seen something like that and I do not want to see one any closer as it would probably scare me to much and who would believe you anyway I guess we are not the only ones but what are they looking for, do they know why we are here or were we put here by them in the begining who knows you can think of all crazy things, and I guess I dodnt really care anyway have more important things to wory about but I will be looking more in the sky

  9. It could be fake but its not a reflection. The bottom right of the disk is covered by the clouds.
    If it was a reflection the disk would cover the cloud.

  10. And yet again…too fuzzy, no definite lineage, but anyone taking random photo’s of anyone or anything and they almost always come out clear, or at least something that anyone can actually see what it is. I suppose that’s the fun in all of this….guess work.

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