Latest West Virginia UFO Sighting Features Three Football Field-Sized UFOs and One Small UFO

huge ufo

Unidentified flying objects travelling across the West Virginia’s skies left ten witnesses baffled. Three UFOs were seen at first that were followed by a fourth, smaller unidentified flying object. This UFO sighting took place at around 10pm West Virginia time on October 12, 2014.

West Virginia UFO sighting reporting witnesses are all men and ten of them are working at a coal plant near Marmet, specifically on Winifrede Hollow Road. The men claimed to have seen first the three triangle-shaped UFOs of large size. Marmet is part of Kanawha County, Virginia. The latest UFO sighting in Virginia has been recorded in Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) under Case 60631.

The ten men said that the UFOs were about the size of football fields and were moving without any sound above their coal mining operation in West Virginia.

One witness said that their plant was down and no noises everywhere the area on the time of sighting. He and other nine men had just finished their pipe repair and they were leaning against trucks outside. One of the men then started to point up and got their attention to the UFOs.

As the rest of the group looked up together in the sky, they were surprised to witness the first triangular object outlined in white lights, approximately the same size of a football field.

The location of the witnesses were in the town of Beckley, West Virginia during the sighting.

One witness estimated that the enormous object could have been 300 to 500 feet above them, moving slow without making any sound. He added that the object remained visible to them for approximately 3 or 4 minutes before it disappeared over the trees.

Few minutes later the group of men spotted another one appeared behind it, the same size, and shape and still moving slowly without making any sound. The other one appeared same as before.

It looked like the three large UFOs were not enough as the fourth one appeared, but smaller than the rest of the UFOs. According to one reporting witness, the fourth one had lots of red flashing and appeared at the end of the line formation. All UFOs went towards northwest in Charleston, West Virginia.

The men were left baffled why the three large crafts produced no sound.

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  1. Read the entire article. Left me wondering why none of these witnesses were able to get a video or even a picture? They said they witnessed them for at least 3-4 minutes. More than enough time to get your phone out and snap a quick video or at least 1 picture I would think. ..

  2. looks like 3 blobs of blue paint on a picture of a night sky as been commented wheres the mobile phone pics or in usa cell phones ? maybe i reckon they didnt have any ?

  3. my guess is that all the triangular-shape-ufos spotted all around the globe (like the Phoenix lights and those sightings in Belgium etc) are some sort of 100% american secret flying device built for some military purpose
    I mean they all resemble in big the shape of a Stealth jet

  4. You know I’m inclined to believe ten miners who report something strange! Miners are the king of people who usually don’t make up stories… and to claim a football field size craft flew over their heads would be one far out story!

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