A Man From Scotland Observes A UFO Shooting Off At High Speed During BBC TV Coverage of Hong Kong Protests

China UFO

BBC covered pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, but it seems that they filmed more than what was expected as a man from Scotland noticed something strange in the sky while watching the coverage. Vincent Smith of the civil parish of Blantyre in South Lanarkshire noticed a bright object moving slowly through the sky over Hong Kong on the television.

He thought that the video caught something otherworldly, so he decided to record the broadcast and film the recorded video of his television to point out the UFO he spotted. He then sent the video to the Hamilton Advertiser, which is a local media outlet.

The media outlet describes that the unidentified flying object is seen making a diagonal movement and then getting a landing on a building before shooting off vertically at high speed.

While some people who saw the video believe that the UFO only hovers near that building rather than lands on the structure, many agree that the behavior is strange. The UFO first appears on the screen moving smoothly in a straight flight path. What makes the object interesting is when it shot off vertically.

Aerial vehicles that are used by media and law enforcement to monitor protests such as in Hong Kong are becoming common in today’s technology. BBC posted a video on Tuesday to its website showing the activity of the protest captured by a drone. But then again, many wonder if such aerial vehicles could make a fast movement just like the UFO seen on BBC coverage.

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  1. What is that indeed ! Very strange. to big to be a drone at that distance. And drones don’t normally light up like that.

    Wars, unrest and disasters always seem to come hand in hand with sightings.

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