UFO Sighting Video Taken From Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas ufo

On the 17th of October 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, strange bright object was observed above the metropolis. Steven Barone uploaded a footage of the UFO titled “I Finally Get Closer To Strange UFO,” on his YouTube channel.

Steven revealed in the description that he recently had a close look at both the UFO and objects that came with it, but he wished he had gotten a much closer look at it. He explained that he did not get a better look at the UFO because of the usual distractions in a big city, including bikes, cars and motorcycles.

Steven said that the UFO seemed to evade people as much as possible as he observed at times that the lights of the object completely turned off when there were people near the area. He explained that the lights were completely lit up once again as soon as the people left then the UFO continued on its path.

As observed by Steven, the UFO lights went completely off when a vehicle with its headlights on got closer to the UFO. He also noticed that people in the vehicle tried to turn off their headlights, but they only saw a dark sky since the lights of the object were turned off before that.

The UFO sighting video captured by Steven was published on October 18 at YouTube and is around twenty-three minutes long. The video received thousands of views in just a matter of two days but viewers can’t comment because the section for it has been disabled. The video shows a zoom in look of the UFO with Steven’s commentary in the background.

Steven’s YouTube page reveals that he is a UFO hunter from Las Vegas, who is looking for evidence. In his About Page, he says that the channel is dedicated for UFO sightings that are captured in camera and looking for additional proof.

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  1. you call binoculars, BIDONCULARS?? and even though your commentary is good, we don’t see what you describe. we don’t see mountains, cars, trees, just a light appearing and disappearing. we can’t tell how far it is, how close it’s coming, or how it keeps coming. it’s not avoiding people. save your “c’mon baby” s for the bedroom! we can’t see anything around it. thank you for your persistent patience.

  2. Say now folks seems to o’l fred that quotation about everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas just might be true. By the way o’l fred has seen some a them Tall White Blonds on the Vegas strip, and you gots to know that gots a real knack for conversation.

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