YouTube Video Shows A UFO Trailing A Jet Above Amsterdam

Amsterdam UFO

A YouTube video titled “UFO Sighting Report 20141012: Amsterdam October 12, 2014, 09:36 GMT” appears to show an unidentified flying object trailing a jet above Amsterdam on October 12, 2014. The footage was posted on YouTube by the user theInterzone.

Based on the video, the UFO seems to be blinking and hovering for a few seconds when it entered the trail. After hovering, the UFO then exited the trail. Some say, aliens are interested in flying things, especially if they cause pollution.

The video was put online on YouTube on October 12 and as of this writing, it has over 50,000 views with hundreds of comments. This YouTube channel has been posting UFO sighting videos in Amsterdam for over four years already.

One commenter named timbrebender said that UFO does not necessarily mean extraterrestrial origin. Timbrebender also added that the closest galaxy to Earth is the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, which is around 25,000 light years away from Earth and any civilization that would like to visit Earth would take at least 25,000 years to reach the destination even if that civilisation can travel in the speed of light. The commenter further noted that the universe is still expanding.

The same commenter said that it would be possible to develop a technology that allows travel faster than the speed of light, but the question now is that why the traveller would not make contact with people on Earth after travelling such a long distance. He explained that aliens would not fear the technology on Earth because they could have been more advanced to travel such fast. He then said that it is almost certain that there’s life on other planets, but alien visiting does not make sense.

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    • the thing isn’t following the jet and that is not a chemtrail, that is water vapor, just like ALL jets trails are water vapor.

  1. Hi. I just got an email from someone that pointed me to your site. I did not realize I had been quoted so extensively in someones article. What was the point of paraphrasing my quotations in this article? Do you have a link to the original?

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