Experts Suggest U.S. Government Should Take UFO Cases Seriously

Thomas Carey

Speakers of a panel discussion held on November 12, 2014, Wednesday, suggested that the government should take UFO reports seriously. Dr. Richard Haines revealed that National Aviation Reporting Center (NARCAP) has collected hundreds of UFO cases. Haines, a co-founder of NARCAP and former NASA scientist, said that ignorance is the start of science.

He explained that the public is still ignorant of what they are dealing. He pointed out that the government isn’t taking the topic seriously. So, his role or mission is to bring UFO subject to the attention of the aviation industry starting from the union level, airline level and up to the government level. He said that he can’t understand why he finds doing it in foreign countries easy, but having a difficulty in America.

Another panelist Leslie Kean said that the more she studied UFO phenomenon, the more she realized that she could not write it off. Kean is co-founder of the Coalition for Freedom of Information, investigative journalist and author. Her first story about UFOs was published in 2000, which she said changed her whole life. She explained that studying UFOs is not like you learn ways of explaining it, but you get more knowledge about its mystery and incredible documentation available out there.

During Kean’s presentation, she highlighted several major UFO cases and presented UFO photographs including a shiny, circular object caught on photo in 1971 over Costa Rica by a government mapping plane. The plane was equipped with camera strapped underneath it and the camera took a photograph of the ground every 17 seconds. Kean explained that the dark area in the picture is a lake, and the lighter area is the land. The disc-shaped object is flying above the lake, according to Kean.

Kean said that France and Chile have staffers dedicated to investigating UFO cases seriously. Kean believes that the same is needed in the U.S. She was trying to say that scientists should get involve in investigating UFO cases, and the U.S. government agency that will allow scientists to engage with UFO subject is required in order for this to happen.

Retired U.S. Air Force Assures Humanity Is Not Alone

Former U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles Halt made the most fascinating presentation of the night in a panel discussion on November 12, 2014 held at American University. Halt claimed that he is one of the witnesses of the famous series of UFO Sightings in 1980 in England, which is now known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Halt said that when he heard about the UFO report, he went into the forest to check it out. He was surprised seeing three indentations on the ground that were evenly spaced. He also noticed a Geiger counter registered high levels of radiation while he was in the area.

During the investigation, Halt said that a flying, oval-shaped object was seen by him and several other military members. This object reportedly glowed bright orange and red and appeared to be dripping like molten metal.

Halt said that upon seeing a strange object, they stood there in awe. They tried to think of an explanation, but they were shocked when it moved towards them, moved through the trees in a horizontal manner while bobbed up and down to avoid hitting trees. Halt wished he wasn’t out there during that time as it getting beyond him.

Halt revealed that they watched the mysterious UFO for a few minutes until suddenly and silently it exploded like fireworks into five white objects and disappeared. He ended his presentation by suggesting to the audience to keep an open mind and he can assure that mankind is not alone.

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  1. why do people think that the government does not take it seriously , this is where you are not thinking right . you really need to get a grip on reality . the goverment does and is doing alot with this ,you are just not aware of things . so mabe stick to what you know , right !




  3. really , experts ? if they were really experts then they would know that the goverment is heavily involved in this and have been for many years . da !!!

  4. Depends on the level of American gov’t you’re talking about. In the late 1940’s and during the early 50’s “front line” gov’t did acknowledge the UFO phenomena but soon after some major incidents (ie: Roswell and others), departments where created to deal with the investigative and public relation side of things. Since then, nothing has changed except these departments have become an entity of their own, no longer controlled by the “visible” gov’t and even the president is only informed of such matters on a “need to now” basis. Its being taken seriously, studied, and perhaps much more by “gov’t departments” that are not part of your normal everyday gov’t.

  5. These beings have been here since the existence of the planet, if not long before it – they are responsible for putting us here, and they can just as quickly take us off it. It’s about time we all knew what we are up against. How can we possibly protect our families from unseen entities without being prepared. In this so called ‘transparency’ age, we need to know what’s around the corner. I find it incredulous that human beings are being subjected to abductions and experiments traded for extra-terrestial technology. These beings do not have any emotion, and regardless of what we might hear, they do not care about us, they will continue to dominate our existence on this planet, and are tampering with our dna – goodness knows what the future of human beings will be – we could very well turn out to be hideous in form, never knowing what it is to experience love or joy genetically later on down the line, and the thought of perhaps all of us becoming a subservient race fills me with utter dread. Whilst I am facinated with the beauty of the night sky, and the many universes beyond this one, I also love life as a human being now, as I suspect many people do – through all its ups and downs – it is still a beautiful world, and right now – it’s all we have – we have nowhere else to go. I believe the many lights and sightings are a precursor to a very imminent arrival of these beings. The more we know now, the more empowered we will be if we have to face these entities. My opinions are not meant to ‘rock the boat’, but I do feel very strongly about losing our emotions and creativity as humans. We cannot be assured that the next race of human beings will have the same attributes – or be assured we will be better, faster, more capable that we are now. Et’s can make themselves invisible, they can harm and overpower us with just the slightest motion, and we sadly will just have to ‘put’ up with it. I can’t speak for those who would love to invite an et for tea – I just know – I don’t want them in my house! Tip for the day – time to learn how to build castles folks.

  6. I’m from Montreal, Quebec, I work in a company that make electrical parts for hydroelectric and nuclear reactor for Canada and USA. Recently my boss told me that the US military came and ask to make a plan to protect the parts in case of an Alien invasion, I have trouble sleeping since then, this is very serious the treat is real!!

  7. Are these”experts”(experts in what fields?),, for real?,the “‘governments'”,are the very ones that have known about ufos for decades.sorry,but,they cannot be ufo experts-(as they have to become mainstream first-(like an like a gem expert,or a expert in physics,etc.),& they have not.

  8. If the government continue to hide facts about aliens it shows they are taking the subject seriously BUT they never keep a straight face when asked about their presence – that’s tantamount to the onlooker they are not taking them seriously.

  9. Bloody hell! Global paranoia. Maybe the Govs are sparing our feelings? Knowing what’s in store for us, would make for hopelessness. Maybe the Truth is too horrible to contemplate, and maybe world governments are as in the dark as we are. Who knows for sure? If we can’t beat ’em and can’t join ’em, then make like the ostrich!

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