Many Believe On the Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials But Many Also Fear on the Possibility of Contacting Bad Alien Civilization


The existence of intelligent life beyond in Earth is being believed by many. Several polls revealed that most people share this belief. But, is it right to contact intelligent aliens?

This question was asked to 1,000 adults in the U.S. as part of a YouGov/Huffington Post survey, which was conducted from July 17 to 19, 2014.

Fifty percent responded that they thought there’s intelligent life on other planets while nineteen percent believe the opposite and thirty-one percent said they were not sure.

Forty-six percent are optimistic about the possibility that humans can make contact with intelligent life on other planets while twenty-tree percent think it is not possible, and thirty-one percent aren’t sure.

While many of those being surveyed are confident about the ability of humans to contact extraterrestrials, many are uneasy about the attempt to contact with alien civilizations. Only thirty-seven percent feel that it is a good idea to attempt in contacting aliens while twenty-seven percent believe that it’s a bad idea, and thirty-six percent were not sure.

The fear of alerting evil alien cultures is the main concern of people about contacting unknown extraterrestrial civilizations. Others think that there are other more important matters that need funding than attempting to contact with extraterrestrials, even if it does work.

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  1. Well it is possible (just a stretch i realize) that an alien civilization that can contact us just might have the answers to solve these problems on our planet in some simple way

  2. At this point in time I figure its the aliens that fear close contact with us because we possess the ability and often are evil……to each other and to anything that is too different.
    The masses still fear anything “new” and our global armies and preservation instincts will keep any advanced alien life from getting to close to us.


    • I agree with you Jason – the stars and ET and most anything from beyond our own world would seem to bring us all together in earth because THEN we would be able to see how great a people we are in the eyes of the universe (ET) and not only in looking at ourselves all the time – of course we see what is so wrong on Earth – however to be fair we have not had very much outer (ET) other reality viewpoints to draw on for some reason (and maybe as some have said they are scared of us however i would hope that et could play some role as guardians of us and looking out for us – thanks for your thoughts there Jason i thought you were right on there pal – MICHAEL PARKES (USA)

  4. Humans are connected to the universe and structured in a configuration that permits contact with various species thru their commitment to “frequency consciousness”. Therefore accessing contact with those of liked minded substance. Sometimes the interactions are blissful while others are terrified by the arrival of such different species.As the age of “man” come to a close this “end of times” draws many others who exist within or closer to the “nucleus”to observe and collect some “genetic blueprints” of life from this planet for further distribution elsewhere while not wasting that which is considered worthy of saving. Contact with aliens is in your hands and not in the waiting to be fearful of the competition.

  5. And Jason what influence from ‘outside’ would you suggest? It didn’t help indigenous people when Europeans thought they were helping by bringing their cultures and religions to so called primitive peoples.
    I think Aliens know how things are here and are scared of us!Otherwise they would have landed on the White House lawn long ago.

  6. Many people believe IN, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials but many also fear IN or OF the possibility ” ” ” … a note for you, LUFOS.

  7. Best not to assume them fellas is benevolent types, chances are they’ve been playin games with humans for millinnia. How about them middle ages paintings showing that bunch a slack jaws flying them saucers…? that tells o’l fred if they havn’t stopped to mingle in 1500 years or more, them fellas got something to hide. And if they gots the look of bugs get your cans of insecticide handy,you might need em.

  8. it is very normal and natural to question who/whom is new in your neighborhood or location, true aliens example one of the grays ( for there is a variation of them~’) will push forward stronger questions, there is no if’s … can anyone of you whom read this really know their neighbors , the grays too are part of their own diversity ,what part humans have in that is a bit of a toss up . but i do Not like them around animals =horses . strong instinct of that .very strong. realizing many scholars and high levels of military , even presidents and world leads have disclosed to the media . they are trying to lessen the shock or fear … but that effect will vary per person . it is no game or control . make the best of it somehow. good luck with how, each and everyone of you choose your analyzes in your timelines. good bye

  9. It’s a popular myth that ET’s are destructive and warring. I believe this is a reflection of our own behavior. That’s how we would act towards strangers. Conquering and warring. Threatened by any superiority. If ET’s can travel inter-dimensionally, which I believe they can, they have no use with our planet in terms of conquering it. If they wanted it they would’ve taken a very long time ago. By shrouding the ET presence in fear it keeps us from progressing and keeps us in a war like mind state. If we seek positive and benevolent communication with ET’s through meditation and various contact protocol that is what we will get back from them. No one really knows for sure though. Anyone claiming they know for a fact what ET’s are doing and there intentions here is making it up.

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