Spaceship-Looking Cloud With Rainbow Colour Causes Panic Of Alien Invasion

Cloud UFO

A mysterious cloud with rainbow colour appears strange for Wonthaggi residents who witnessed it. A peaceful, small coastal town suddenly became an alarm station for everyone. The village is located 130 kilometres outside of Melbourne, Australia. This happened this Monday.

A resident named Carol reportedly started the panic when she called the local radio station, 3AW. Carol reported the strange view in the sky. In just minutes, residents who heard the news began to rush outside to capture some photos of the apparent apocalyptic cloud.

Many went to social media to share some photos of the strange rainbow-coloured cloud. The local radio station shared the picture of the mysterious cloud via listener Carol on Twitter. One commenter says that the weird formation of the cloud reminds him of the spaceships in the sci-fi movie “Independence Day.” Another commenter even says that the rapture is here. Some are just asking explanations about the rainbow cloud.

Many of the residents got panic because of fear that aliens might descend and fire them from the sky. However, Michael Efron of the Bureau of Meteorology explained that it could be just a punch hole cloud or a good ol’ fallstreak cloud. This type of cloud form when water temperature in it reaches below freezing point, but has not yet frozen.

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  1. You folks know how this type of occurrence is reported by the news media; As a joke. They seem to take pleasure in humming 50s sci fi music while delivering the news like a bunch of adolescents. This type cloud is an anomaly for those of us who are old enough and have been looking up for decades we know what natural cloud formations look like and what anomalous creations look like. O’l fred ain’t the smartest fella in town but I’m gonna bet you credits to navy beans some is even more stupid than o’l fred….

  2. Hi,
    It’s a hole-punch cloud, or fallstreak hole, please google it or wikipedia.
    Now you add the sun’s rays with a particular angle and you got this. Nice picture.

  3. The Rapture? The End of the World? What country are we living in? What century? Those comments scare me more than the actual punch hole cloud. (not scary at all, but interesting)

  4. apocalyptic cloud?? The Rapture?!? good lord in heavens above us people!!! educate yourselves!! EVERYONE will know what the rapture is if and when it happens! unbelievable.

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