Triangle UFO Travels Under 150 Feet Above Toledo City In Ohio

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An Ohio resident had witnessed a fast-moving triangular shaped UFO under 150 feet in altitude while driving along Toledo road in southern direction, Route 475 approaching Turnpike underpass, according to Case 61353 testimony from the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.

The witness thought that it was a plane, particularly a Lear jet flying at very low altitude across the highway. The UFO had one light at each end and one in the center. It had no strobe light and the witness did not hear any sound from the moving UFO despite flying at very low altitude.

When the object was half a mile away, the witness turned his head to the left and saw its rear view. The witness was surprised to see what looked like a rectangular panel of solid, bright, red lights made of about 6 to 8 smaller panels bordered together. This time, the witness had a strong feeling that he saw an unidentified flying object.

When the witness turned his focus back on the road, he lost sight of the object and never saw it again. The witness made good drawings about what he witnessed, but he does not know how to send them by computer as he needed to use the U.S. Postal Service.

Toledo is one of the most populated city in Ohio with 287, 203 residents. Ohio had recorded 13 UFO reports in October 2014, which translates to 1.30 sightings per million population. Currently, Ohio is in UFO Alert Rating 5, the lowest among 5 levels.

States with 2.0 or lower reports per million residents are categorized as Alert 5; 2.01-2.5 are Alert 4; 2.51 – 3.0 are Alert 3; 3.01-4.0 are Alert 2; and Alert 1 are states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents.

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  1. For what it’s worth, my wife and I saw the same thing over the Maumee River in the Waterville about three weeks ago. Same thing, triangular with three lights. Hovered and then flew in a easterly direction. I would say it was closer to a thousand feet up if I had to guess. I guess that would depend on how big it was though. It was right before some weird weather too, with high winds like a storm, and with what I can only describe as yellow looking lighting.

  2. Say now havn’t you boys heard of the TR3 experimental anti gravity craft constructed and engineered by fellas right here on terra firma ?

    • Yeah Mr Sausage, I think everyone is aware of the TR experiment.
      Even those involved with it have said they DO NOT fly over built up areas and further clarify it makes a hell of a noise…………….so this one is not ours.

      • Say now the last folks you should be believing is them fellas involved with it…. and them anti grav craft is so quiet you could hear some johnny paycheck tunes from a mile away…..

  3. Funny how things like this pop up, I’m sure more people seen this as well, why isn’t there any camera or video shots, 150 feet more than enough to get a good shot. I’m not saying its fake or not, but would like to see more people carry some things so if this was to turn up again, show the world what it is..

  4. On Dec 2, 2014 I was coming home from work around 1:20am, when I noticed something in the sky in front of me. It was slowly descending, with a blue and white lights in a triangle pattern. There were several cars pulled over to the side in front of me so I slowed down. When the object came down close enough I started to get scared so I pulled out my cell phone but it would not work. Go figure when I need it the thing fails me. The object look like it was not too far above the telephone poles but I was on the ground so it was probably higher than that. It suddenly stopped then took off like something from Star Trek. I have no idea what it was, but it didn’t look like any airplane I have ever seen in my life and common sense tells you that warp speed would leave some sort of boom. And if we have that kind of technology then why are we still so primitive with security.

    • everyone can see it is a drawn picture, so there can’t be photoshopping. there’s even an artist’s signature in the lower right corner. I truly can’t believe you think that’s a real picture. your computer’s graphics must be ancient.

  5. on 11/15/14 Massachusetts, 620pm saw same thing dark and no light, no sound, crystal clear sky, from 90 degree up to 20 d. at 30 deg. saw orange to red light around the craft, like it was entering the atmosphere.

  6. I saw the same thing about 5 years ago in northern Illinois. I was sitting in a car with a few friends looking up at the sky. We were trying to figure out if one light in the sky was a planet or star or something else. Suddenly we all noticed a pretty bright light pop up from the horizon straight ahead. It was probably a good 2-3 miles away. At first we thought maybe a plane just took off but there was no airport in that direction. Now we watched as it got closer and closer. We all got out of the car and didn’t know what to think. The thing was huge with 3 red lights on each corner and a larger white light in the center. When it was about a 1/2 mile out from us it turned off all lights… We all freaked out. I remember specifically saying “I don’t think we should stand directly under it!” As it got closer and closer I figured I would begin hearing an engine but it was silent.. The only noise I heard was the sound of wind breaking, almost like a quiet fan. This experience pretty much changed everything for me. I think about it often.

  7. I moved back to NW Ohio from the Pacific NW 15 years ago and have seen 3 triangular silent aircraft described by other witnesses on this site over this time period.

    I like to walk my dog late at night and I usually spot these things around 11pm EST or 1 am. They always travel from the North to South and are completely silent and have three non blinking lights on the corners and a large white or reddish light on the center bottom of the craft.

    I do believe that the craft are our military. We have a Air Force National Guard station nearby and I see and hear military aircraft moving around frequently but whatever these triangle UFO’s are they are most certainly not a F16 or C 130 cargo plane.

    The very nature of the direction of travel on a regular basis suggests that the craft are tasked with a specific route and that suggests secret military objectives. I have heard over the years that MO has a super secret base where top secret military equipment is based and that makes sense to me. I suspect these craft are being constructed in the NE part of the country then when ready are flown to Missouri.

    I’m not the only person to witness these silent triangles in the sky so I know I’m not imagining these things. My next door neighbor told me she spotted a silent triangle a couple of years back while out for a smoke break.

    Some friends of mine in Pemberville OH saw a silent triangle and gave the very same description of the one I saw 2 weeks ago.

    Am I scared of them? No, just very curious.

    Best regards,

    Snake Plisken

  8. This is 100% real. I will swear on a stack of bibles and my children that I had seen the exact same object in Orrville Ohio in the same year. I am not exactly sure if it was in october but I was driving north on church road late at night and I stopped my car in the middle of the road when I saw this object. I dont know why I did not try to photograph or record this thing, mind you I was in shock because I know commercial airlines and army crafts all have blinking warning lights and these three lights where yellowish and not blinking and there was no sound coming from the ufo but I sat untill it slowly hovered from the left of me to the right of me about 200 ft in the air tops with a close friend in my passenger seat. I want to see it again so bad, you wouldnt imagine the feeling you get watching something like this. Complete shock. Amazed. And frozen.

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