Monastery-Shaped Building Discovered On Rosetta Comet 67P

rosetta Monastery

YouTube user, Joe White of Art Alien TV, posted an apparent image of an extra-terrestrial building, which believed to be seen on Rosetta Comet 67P. Posted on November 30, the video shows an image of an alleged alien structure that resembles a monastery building here on Earth.

Joe White said that the construction in the picture looks like a large building structure with an apex roof as well as chimney and windows. He revealed that there were two versions of the image, one is raw, and the other is a negative version. Both versions can be seen on the European Space Agency website. ESA reportedly released the original image on September 17, in which White provided the link on the description of his YouTube video.

According to the estimate given by White, the building is about 100 metres in length, but he noted that it could be a lot larger. His estimation is based on the length of the comet, measuring 4,100 metres.

He explained he was looking at the image of the comet very carefully and rotated it. He then noticed the building, which he immediately shared with his wife. She said the image resembles a monastery. Since then, he named the building Whites Monastery.

He claimed that no photo enhancements have been done with the picture except for the contrast and negative processing. White added that the basic software could also give similar results. He explained that anyone could see the building by simply downloading the photo and rotating it at 45 percent, and then zooming it in.

He published the video of the image on YouTube under the title “Alien Building Found On Rosetta Comet 67P,” on December 4, 2014.

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  1. oh I was SO WAITING for this! it actually took quite awhile, this time, for some attention-seeking loony to come up with this! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone would claim something paranormal on an asteroid. never mind that the asteroid has pictures of every single foot of it mapped, with nothing but what it’s supposed to be!

  2. This true: I see the smoke from the chimney. There are rabbits and dears running and jumping all around… Thank you so much for telling us !

  3. I believe it to be an illusion of the eye wanting to make a recognisable pattern. The image enhancement that defines a building has been worked? Why would you build a structure on the very edge profile like that- you would choose a more protected space? Unless this piece of rock is a chunk of a planet that broke up and somehow this remote building happened to be preserved and become a part of debris?

  4. not to mention there is no air to breathe? ERR, OR IS THERE? The whole comet at the start of the video looks like the top half of a bust of an alien don’tyafink?

  5. the Aliens were like “Yea, screw houses & farms & workplaces, economy n sheet, lets just build a monastery on a comet which eventually end up disenigrating entering into some planets atmosphere, that should show us”

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