UFO filmed over Manchester, UK 17-Nov-2014

manchester ufo

This daytime sighting was obserwed on 17th November by a local in Manchester in United Kingdom. He also took a photo of this flying saucer.
The similar object was also seen over Merida in Mexico on 4th December.

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  1. Things are picking up and more and more “objects” are manifesting at closer range, in day light. Keeping my eyes to the skies, seeing interesting things pretty much every day.

  2. Today on the train when stopped at Salford Crescent I saw a disk shaped object whitish looking hovering for about a minute. Train then set off and we went behind buildings so I could no longer see it. I tried to just shrug it off until now lying in bed thinking about what I saw today and did a quick youtube search and this is the exact thing I saw today over salford so I was shocked this was filmed only 2 months ago and it’s hovering near cranes which is where salford crescent station is.

  3. Looks like the sun peeping through the clouds to me. Spheres? Where? Yet another blurred image of nothing in particular.The images are becoming clearer? Pull the other one. We have such advanced digital technology, we are unable to take a decent incontrovertible photo of one of these alleged craft? Keep trying.

  4. Oh yes there are clear images. You are not logging into them on Google or other documentaries. Look and listen on SIRIUS DISCLOSURE. PROJECT CAMELOT. WHISTLEBLOWERS do not come on to tell lies. Log into latest crop circles/ /latest ufo’sFeb/march/ etc . Plenty to chose from with good pictures. This should be the biggest story of the century but it is covered up by USA Govt.

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