UFO Hovers Above Arkansas Nuclear Plant and Angel Hair Falls From The Sky In Portugal

Arkansas Nuclear One

Visitors from another planet may have an interest in the Arkansas Nuclear Plant as many reported seeing a mysterious flying object hovering above it for nearly two hours few days ago.

Many observed the UFO above the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) water reactor nuclear power plant, near Russellville, according to Headlines and Global News, reported through MUFON.

A local witness, who recorded the event on his camera, said that a platform-like object emitted bright, flashy, multicolored lights as it hovered in the sky. The witness claimed that he checked on it occasionally in the next two hours.

The witness added that the object went high above his house, and it disappeared from his view within three minutes. The witness did not hear any sounds coming from the object and felt an unusual electromagnetic feeling that pulsated all over his body as the strange object flew over him.

portugal-ufo-angelDays after the UFO sighting, another unidentified flying object was reported in Portugal. This UFO was described as strands of angel hair that fell from the sky.

AOL said that experts believe a passing UFO created the white wispy strands above the blue sky. Angel hair looks like a sticky spider web. AOL also quoted the description by Wikipedia about the angel hair. According to the Wikipedia, the angel hair is often associated with UFO sightings or Virgin Mary’s manifestations.

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  1. Not unusual. In Arizona about 20 years ago coming into Phenix over 20 of us watched a transparent “ship” like a cigar and large. We could see what looked like grays walking around in it. After it disapeared only one person took pictures and that was a cop. Never heard anything about it again on the news or the newspaper.

  2. I need to see the land on the White House lawn and go in and say hello to the Pres. Should be able to do that without any security stopping them.

  3. Hi UFO are real in 2015 all world can see in the sky spacecraft from another planet they are here watching on us they follov all who take photography or video

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