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Your UFO reports: 29th November – 6th December 2014
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Australia – 6/12/14
Two orb shaped objects stuck together.
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S72 9BX Nr Barnsley – 05.12.14
Barnsley UFOAround 11:45 today, coming from the North there was three bright lights in the sky (one had a with a flashing light, much like the planes coming from that direction from a flight path).  However, the other two did not and they were off just bright.  My husband, Son and I watched these three light all in formation for approximately a couple of minutes until and fourth and I thought a possible fifth were also seen and were flying away together at the same altitude.  They were very high in the sky but there was no noise to say there were four/possibly five in a (NIKE brand tick formation ).  I have taken two photos as I was rushing around trying to find the camera, one I cannot see anything having viewed it, the others seem to be reflective orbs from the camera.  I don’t know if you can view anything yourself from these photos, and I am not sure if I even took them at the right angle point.  I will sent them anyway.
My husband and I have seen many strange lights in that direction (however because there is a flight path around here I am always cynical).  The lights we saw tonight were really interesting and something that we have not seen before.
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Los Angeles, California – 12/4/14
many lights that look like Stars moving east … Around 15-20 lights
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on tv, misfit garage episode #8 – 12/1/ 2014
Watching on discovery station show  misfit garage episode #8 12/1/2014 about 5 in half min into show the camera pans up to show logo on building you can see a very fast white object shooting across the sky don’t look like a plane or a bird does something weird at the end gust as it goes behind the  building  . let me know what you think it was.
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Kirkintilloch, Glasgow Scotland G66 1DE – 30th November 2014
At about 8.15 am I saw two typically ufo shaped objects (cigar shaped) in the clear blue sky.  They were parallel to each other, and at an angle of about 45 degrees to the horizon.  From my position, they appeared to be to the east of Kirkintilloch.  One looked to have a light at the lower end.  I was only able to focus on one object at a time, using small pocket binoculars. After a few minutes, I changed position to look at the other object, but it had gone.  I then continued to watch the first one, which was the one with the light at the bottom end, which remained stationary for perhaps 5 minutes, then slowly, but at a steady speed, it moved off in an upwards direction, until I could no longer see it. Today I told a friend about this, and she told me there had been some sonic boom type noises heard in the UK over the week end, and I wondered if there might be some connection. Sorry, but i have no photos.
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