UFO Landing With Occupants In Socorro, New Mexico: The Lonnie Zamora Case of 1964

Lonnie Zamora ufo

The report by policeman witness Lonnie Zamora has been one of the most intriguing claims of a UFO sighting with physical trace as evidence. This incident involving a UFO landing happened in 1964.

Known today as the Zamora incident, it has been one of the major events in Ufology for more than 40 years and expected not to go away for many more years.

On 24th of April 1964, thirty-one years old policeman Lonnie Zamora was patrolling in Socorro, New Mexico at 5:45 P.M. While on patrol, he was passed by a car that was speeding. Zamora chased the rushing vehicle, but he heard a loud roar in the distance. Just about a second later, he saw a bluish, orange flame going up into the sky.

He thought of an explosion, so he decided to prioritize it and abandoned the chase of the speeder. He radioed the sheriff’s dispatcher to report his activities.

Going towards the area of the explosion, he encountered the aftermath of the event that seemed to disappear and reappear because he was rising and dipping in a narrow gravel road. When he arrived at the scene, he noticed a shining object at a distance, anywhere from a hundred to two-hundred yards away.

Lonnie ZamoraHe thought that an overturned automobile caused the incident, and its gas tank had exploded. However, he discovered an oval-shaped object without doors or windows, which had similar bulk of a medium-sized car.

On the other side of the unusual object, he saw legs of two beings that he first thought to be children, dressed in white overalls. He said that one of them appeared to jump, probably because of fear of noticing him.

He immediately radioed the office of the sheriff about the details of the incident. While taking a closer look at the unusual scene, he heard a loud roar and observed a bluish flame under the object. He decided to fell to the ground to protect himself in case of explosion.

He saw the object started to lift off the ground and moved to southeast direction in a straight line for around 10-15 miles. The legs also disappeared. State Police Sergeant Sam Chavez arrived at the scene just after the strange unidentified flying object disappeared into the sky.

On the next day, April 25, Army Captain Richard T. Holder, and FBI agent D. Arthur Byrnes, Jr. were the first investigators on the scene. On the report of the FBI dated May 8, 1964, Zamora has been regarded as a sober, conscientious, and industrious officer in his five years in service and no records of entertaining fantasies. Despite the participation of the CIA and scientists, they fail to find the vehicle or another stimulus that Zamora encountered to the point of panic.

In the CIA publication “Studies in Intelligence,” released in 1966 and was made available for public inspection on 2nd of January 1981, it is stated that there is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora witnessed an object that left quite an impression on him. There’s also no question about the reliability of Zamora as he had been known as serious police officer, a pillar of his church, and a man expert enough to identify airborne vehicles in his area. The report says that Zamora was puzzled by what he saw, and so the investigators.

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