UFO photo taken by Air Force Captain

disc-shaped UFO

On October 2, a couple from Albuquerque, New Mexico deliver 5 polaroid pictures to the MUFON research team. These images were taken in April 1962 by the captain at US air force.

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  1. It’s hard to know what these pictures were at this distance inn time
    Although there was no CGI in those days, there were lots of pie plates. hubcaps and Frisbees flying around on strings etc.
    I am not saying that UFOs are not real it’s just that there are so many hoaxes out there, and quite a few back in the Day.
    I do Believe!

  2. Saucer shaped anti gravity craft have no need to bank at angles. Aerodynamic aircraft bank, anti gravity craft do not. Otherwise it’s a waste of technology folks.

  3. You are basing your conclusions on ignorant assumptions; the ‘banking’ maneuver is a common characteristic of discoid craft of ‘unknown’ origin, which are obviously non-aerodynamic, but that are unrelated to atmospheric interaction; it is just a reorientation of the craft in the direction of the vectored path to enhance the crew’s vision from the ‘saucer’. No technology or actions are ever wasted. reply 123454321

  4. Myron, you otta be ashamed of yurself for calling o’l fred ignorant. Them fella’s don’t bank to look out of windows anyway, they got’s 3d viewers in their micro chip sized rectal implants….

  5. Banking, yes…no…these type UFO’s most always are banking because that’s the direction they are thrown at. No perspective, nothing to compare the size of the so called craft with anything, what’s more there is no message, note explanation of the photo’s saying it was a UFO and Air Force members were up for a good laugh, just like anyone else. My assessment is fake, a craft created by the Airman to take photo’s with his polaroid camera…

  6. One prob in the photo: distant object is very sharply defined with crisp clean lines and contrasty shading. Not the same for the rest of the area photographed, including the pointer’s hand.

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