Unknown lights over Vancouver, Washington 2-Dec-2014

Vancouver UFO

New footage of a bright objects hovering in the sky above Vancouver in US state Washington. This was taken on 2nd December 2014.

Witness report: A family member of mine knew I am in this field of research and caught some strange lights that he could not explain with his cell phone. He is ex-military and I would consider him a sound individual with good discernment. The anomalies in the video were recorded December 2nd in the evening approximately at 18:00 in Vancouver, WA near the Westfield Shopping Center. There were 4 lights that went from dim to super bright lights just hanging in the sky for 10 minutes or so and then just kind of flew off. He did not record the whole observation, rather just 2 and a half minutes of the occurrence. He thought that one of the lights could have been an airplane, but the path it took was kind of odd for an airplane not to mentions they seemed way to close together. The lights/objects were East of where he was standing. They didn’t appear to be too far away, if he had to guess he would say about 5-10 miles out. They were way too low to the ground to be any type of commercial airliner in his opinion. They all seem to be hovering until the top one (shown in the video) started moving to the North/Northwest.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I am always surprised at the lack of emotion in the voices of people who take what are supposed to be anomalous objects.
    I’d be excited, but then that’s me I suppose.

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