The 2011 Nissequogue UFO Sighting Incident

Nissequogue UFO

Category three hurricane hit Puerto Rico and the Great Antilles in late August 2011. Named as Hurricane Irene, it was considered as the worst storm with 120 mph winds. It caused significant storm surge and flooding, especially in Nissequogue, NY. Pronounce as NISS-ə-kwog, the Suffolk County bayside community is located on Long Island’s north shore.

A local boat owner, identified as Charlie, was so concerned about the safety of his vessel. He decided to check a webcam regularly that monitored the Defeo Marina, located five miles at Port Jefferson, where Charlie’s boat moored. On August 28, Sunday, at around 2:30 pm, Charlie checked the flood condition through the camera.

Charlie then claimed that he saw a large silver object that appeared to be disc type in the sky above the flooded bay. He watched the strange activity for a few minutes as the aerial object hovered while rotating around. His initial thought was a weather balloon, but he noticed that it had lines and did not look like a balloon at all.

Charlie took three images from the live webcam that were around 10 seconds apart. The screenshots show a disc-shaped flying object rotating in the camera.

Unfortunately, Charlie found out upon speaking to the marina management that the live cam was not recorded. Charlie said that there were severe weather warnings during his UFO sighting, and most of the communities were evacuated. He also noted that there were no planes permitted to fly in or out of the regional New York airports during that time. Charlie later decided to file a report along with his photos to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). His testimony is recorded in MUFON’s witness reporting database, case 31318.

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  1. I see u reported to mufon…I am curious as to how u enjoyed talking to Stanton Friedman…I saw a UFO myself,so I made a report,he called me back,and was a real prick!I was telling him what I saw,then asked him what it was I saw,he got hung up on words and said things like ” I can’t tell ‘ you’ what it is ‘you’ saw…a real smartass! I don’t care if the aliens land n take over,I won’t tell him about it! Geez,what a prick!

    • Actually, don’t take this personal, but he did have a point, how could he know what it is you saw? That may not have been the best question to ask, lol

    • Donald- Why would he be a ‘smart ass’ for not knowing what you saw? How should he know? You’re reporting a UFO. If you reported a plane and described it, he might know what type a plane it was. I’m surprised he didn’t hang up on you, based on your 4th grade writing skills.

  2. The two ufos I saw looked pretty much like an airplane,with no wings.about the same length n size of a passenger get,about the same big around,just no wings,and moving much slower than a slow that with our technology,there is no way it could stay airborne moving that slow without wings.I was telling Stanton Friedman about it,but he was such a prick that I didn’t even bother telling him about the pictures I had. I have 3 really nice,clear pictures,but I’m not showing him,he needs to find a personality.

    • I think it’s you who is the prick…how the fuck is he supposed to know what you saw when he didn’t see it…Is that too hard for you to comprehend?

  3. funny how each and every sighting shows only one craft. This always made no sense to me. There is always a starship or battle cruiser or armada that should be around, but there NEVER is. i find it hard to believe that an advanced alien being could survive for light years in a little ship like that. let me guess…he doesnt eat, right?

  4. Yeah personalities are often not as they seem. If they are not being opaid.
    Would very much like to see your pics.The UFO I saw was just floating and it went right over my head, it was about 150ft long and just a a weird wing like object. I could not believe such a big craft could fly so low and so slow without crashing,In fact at first I thought an aircraft had lost its engines and was coasting in to crash, then it tuned and was gone in a flash.

  5. Why are you posting a picture of a Cloud and calling it a UFO?
    Do you really think we are all blind and stupid? Really?
    If you’re going to post a story then please have Real UFO pictures to back it up.
    Without evidence it’s just hearsay.

    • Why are you seeing a CLOUD? Do you see the real clouds in the background? Not much resemblance, eh? This object is obviously low, close, and METALLIC. Wipe off your glasses and take a second look before bashing someone else’s evidence.

  6. I grew up 5 miles East of Port Jefferson harbor and spent many an hour there. While that might be a real UFO, that’s not Port Jeff Harbor. Interesting shot though.

  7. i m intrestted knowing about ufo realated i m know about ur website loading news,,,thanksssssssssssss

  8. Ovni, yes; a CIA agent blew a fart, lit it with a lighter, and that’s the resulting swamp ass cloud that poofed out!

    I’ve seen a sauser up close. It looks like a flat, circular object. There are two other screen shots of it! Where are they?

    Better to just call that a plane old UFO!
    Maybe it was in the middle of cloaking itself again.

    Strange indeed! MUFON did give it a number (31,318), they must have seen something there to classify it as a lagitamate sighting.
    ps unless they’re getting complacent!

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