Another NASA Researcher Dies Under Suspicious Circumstance

nasa crash

A researcher at Arizona State University, who died in a small plane crash on Friday, January 9, 2015, has been identified as the pilot. The 47-year-old Alberto Behar of Scottsdale died in the accident on a Los Angeles street, officials said.

As one of the employees at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Behar was connected in the development and operation of NASA Curiosity rover. Curiosity uses advanced scientific instruments to collect data on Mars, including the possibility of the presence of water, which could prove that life once existed on the Red Planet. Also a researcher at ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, Behar’s research involved a Russian instrument that can detect hydrogen beneath the rover, according to 2013 ASU press release.

In a Dailymail report, Behar worked for 23 years for NASA at the JPL in Pasadena and involved in two missions to Mars. He also invented a robot and received a patent in 2011 for it. His robot invention has the capability to operate in zero gravity.

Behar was a certified commercial airplane pilot, helicopter flight instructor, and scientific and rescue diver.

He died on the spot, just outside the Van Nuys Airport, according to the spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The airplane went down on the busy street at around past 1 pm but did not hit any vehicles or structures before it crashed, and no other injuries reported.

Behar’s name is now one of the long list of astronomers and scientists who died suspiciously. One might ask, did he know something that should not be revealed?

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  1. Sloppy and lame. WHAT “suspicious” circumstances? Small private planes crash frequently near airports. The occupants tend to be noteworthy people of means, just because it is one of the most expensive and technical of hobbies. No cause of accident mentioned, and no suggestion this guy did anything to provoke a hit.

  2. In the near future I think this will be the biggest story in the world. Well a part of it. Mars and “nasa” have information that can never reach us, the general public. They are being removed because “they” think they are not to be trusted. Not visitors or watchers but our own people. The truth of the matter lies in the Muslim Koran. How do they feel about space travel? What does their “holy books” say? We that are Christians generally believe that anything created is by God. If you have a good reporter look into this and it will scare you where it takes you. please do not post.

  3. “Suspicious” Please have and show some respect for family and stop talking nonsense every time you make some sort of ridiculous connection with NASA or any other organisation

  4. Conspiracy theories are spreading around the world, helped by internet. USA is at the top of this trend, and ufology unfortunately greatly ‘benefits’ from this.
    An engineer who worked on Rover dies in a plane crash. So what ? Just buzz from nothing !

  5. Why would someone , obviously an expert on several fronts, be killed? By whom and by what? For what reason?
    To stop the research? To stop him from saying what? There’s Life on Mars and the Gov knows it?
    Honestly! Conspiracy Theory is alive and well and kicking up Martian dust!
    R.I.P. poor man and condolences to his family which have enough grief without thinking he was murdered.

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