British Artist Believes Aliens Channel Through Him

Lloyd Canning

An artist from Britain claimed to have experienced alien abduction, and now extraterrestrials are projecting ideas into his brain that inspire him to do more paintings.

Thirty-three-year-old Lloyd Canning believes extraterrestrials first captured him in 2005 after seeing a giant spaceship floating over his car. He says that he felt that he was obliged to paint particular images that he believes are ETs’ method of communicating with mankind.

Ex-scaffolder and a father of two children believes creatures from outside planet Earth are using him as a medium. He has quit his job and recently paints alien images full time.

Evesham, Worcs native, Lloyd, has used his claimed encounter to make arts that depict the characteristics of ETs and their planets. Afraid of being ridiculed, Lloyd kept his collection a secret. But now he has the determination to make his paintings available to the public by regularly exhibiting his work at alien conventions. He is planning for his very first international show.

Lloyd, who claims he has been visited by six extraterrestrial spaceships, says that he feels a load of anxiety when the visions are coming on, building up that sometimes lasted for days. Then he will get a clear idea in his mind that he just have to paint it.

He explains he had crazy visions since his first sighting and felt that he had no choice but to paint them. Lloyd thinks he was chosen because aliens know they could channel through him. He states that a new alien-themed image is sent to him nearly every week, the reason he has collected a broad collection of work.

He says he had his first extraterrestrial experience almost ten years ago when he was driving home after getting a new second-hand van. Lloyd claims he saw a large, round, bright spacecraft flying above him. Later in that night, he began to feel not well.

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  1. Why would intelligent beings choose any joe blow too do paintings for them as a way of communication that dosen’t make sense, we are slowly being feed proof E.T life through the media anyway so why would they bother with paintings.

  2. “for anyone who have seen my story in the papers, the truth is I have never been abducted but I have had some great sightings. don,t you just love the media, exposure is what I wanted, exposure is what I got lol lol lol lol lol lol lol I love you all” – Thats from his facebook page

  3. Why is this site so behind the times?
    Check your facts before printing something. this guy has already confessed he was lying to get recognition for his work.

  4. As usual, the press get hold of a story and make up loads of shite to make the individual look like a loon and make a mockery of the UFO subject . It’s all part of the agenda to mock the whole UFO subject and it’s followers. To make us all look like fools and to help hide the real truths out there.

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