Excavators Found Flying Saucer-Shaped Object Deep In Siberia

Siberia Flying saucer

Excavators working in Siberia, Russia discovered a disc-shaped object buried forty metres underground. Some sky watchers believe it fell from outer space. An intriguing image has made rounds online showing a man holding what thought to be a UFO that fell to Earth from space thousands of years ago – stayed deeply on the ground.

The mysterious flying saucer-shaped thing was recovered through digging during excavation operation by a coal mining company in Kuznetsk Basin in Siberia, Russia.

Excavators think the so-called craft is a man-made object, but still subject to further examination by archaeologists. Meanwhile, some UFO enthusiasts do believe it fell from the space.

Siberia Flying SaucerNearly a perfect circle, the bizarre object measures 1.2 metres in diameter and weighs 440lbs – equivalent to roughly 31 stones.

Forty-year-old excavator Boris Glazkov, who discovered the object, said he immediately saw the object because it was large and distinctive.

He said he had never encountered similar to it before in the middle of nowhere and added that it is a real mystery.

Thirty-eight-year-old Arthur Presnyakov, Glazkov’s colleague, said that they found two identical objects, but the other one broke when it was pulled out from the ground through the excavator bucket.

Presnyakov revealed that they were not careful when they pulled out the first one, the reason it broke. So, when they spotted the second similar object, they were more careful pulling it up with the excavator bucket.

The official owner of the object, Kuzbassrazrezugol mining company, said the object was unearthed at a depth of approximately 40 metres.

Given that deep, the object is estimated to be older than mammoth bones, which have been found in the same area at a depth of 25 metres. Scientists declined to comment on the matter while the investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. i saw this (not this rock specifically, but that type) on Pawn Stars! a woman brought in the same type of rock. it has a “c” name to it, i don’t remember what the expert said it was called. they can be huge like this one pictured here, or small enough to carry. this is not a ufo!

  2. If it’s real, depending on the analysis of the material, I am sure President Puten won’t pass up the money or rupels is it? So lets be patient and even let National Geographic do their job. This may be a “Cave Man” first wheel…..

  3. Let’s people patient and see what these things are made of. This far they resemble stone, and true possible “cave man” intellect… Besides would they pass up such a financial score in artifacts? Think about it…

  4. its unbelievable the stupidity of this ufo stone artifact old grain grinder as been stated never a ufo or a sacrificial stone ? bizzare lol,

  5. This circular disc needs more examination, cause it could be a old wheat grinder. When this article stated they broke the first stone with the excavator bucket, it seems to only made of a hard rock.

  6. I think it’s a massive Dinosaur shit, It has flattened out a bit(the dinosaur had a bad curry the night before, with too many beers.) then it fossilized over thousands of years.

  7. Does the administrator of this site realize most of us don’t speak Russian? If there are any Russians out there, can you please translate what the guy in the video was saying? Thank you.

  8. if this was really found 40 meters down then its probably older than any known society using a “wheat grinding wheel”. Grain and wheat was not being harvested more than 12,000 – 13,000 years ago and certainly not being ground on a commercial level which would involve a well ordered society working together. More likely a hard rock formation that was formed while trapped in sandstone.

  9. I totally believe UFOs/flying saucers have been visiting Earth much much before the mammoths died out (10,000 years ago). There could be millions of civilizations at various stages of advancement in the universe. 10,000 years is merely a blink of an eye when you think of the history of the universe. It could definitely be man made who replicated in stone what they saw with their own eyes.

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