Arizonian Couple Records On Video Similar Looking Lights That Appeared Over Phoenix In 1997

Arizona lights

Two residents of Goodyear believe they saw the legendary Phoenix Lights on Tuesday above the regional park, Estrella Mountains. Kerrie and Jeff Zakaras said they saw like a headlight but hovering from their viewpoint. The couple though still unbelievers despite witnessing the strange sighting.

Meanwhile, paranormal and sci-fi writer Alejandro Rojas believes in UFOs, but he thinks that the recent observation did not involve space aliens.

Rojas believes that they were flares from the military. Indeed, Luke Air Force Base officials confirmed that they were having a training that time of the evening, involving the use of flares.

Rojas said that while this particular case looks to be military exercises, there were still many mysterious cases. He explained that many UFO sightings in the area still left unsolved and no explanation yet even after careful investigation. Rojas said that he is a believer and mysterious activities out there still waiting for an answer.

The couple may be right that they only videotaped flares, but they were possibly wrong when they said they spotted the same event from the famous UFO Phoenix Lights that happened on March 13, 1997, Tuesday, in Phoenix, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

Thousands of people reported lights with varying descriptions between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM (MST). It is believed that the incident involved two distinct events namely a triangular formation of lights spotted to pass above the state and a series of hovering lights seen in the Phoenix area.

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  1. Whatever they saw, they weren’t military flares. They have smoke trails when they’re that low, they don’t fall evenly in formation, and they don’t remain stationary in the air, they fall slowly. Google image search “military flares” and you’ll see how different they look.

  2. They reallyt appear to be flares descending. They may be moving but mostly downward, whereas, the Phoenix lights were moving horizontally to the grounf if I recall correctly.

  3. What many people don’t realise is that the footage plastered all over the place apparently showing the ‘Phoenix lights’ is actually footage of the air force blowing off flares ‘after’ the actual sightings had been reported. Nobody reported individual lights lighting up one after the other and hovering then going out, as flares do. They reported seeing a massive solid craft slowly moving across the sky with a row of lights on the underside.

    This bullshit disinformation has to stop !!!

  4. Has anyone ever noticed something strange about these multi ufos flying in a pattern. Look at all the patterns from all videos like this. Most multi ufos stay in a formation then just afew change positions to spell out something else. Are there flight patterns in a binary code or some alien wording to let aliens here on earth know of the next step in there agenda. The 1952 Capital fly over spelt out the 2 letters “RA”, as in the Eye of Ra. When I used Morse code.. on this pattern it spelt out “RDL”. It’s binary, But you have to fill in the blanks thats the hard part. but soon your get it.

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