Metallic orb sent by aliens?


Scientists recently discovered a tiny metal orb they believe is extraterrestrial in origin. We also speak with the co-director of the upcoming alien thriller “The Three.” And, we talk with attendees at the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed in this episode:

– Blue Book files taken down
– Retired police officer describes CA UFO
– ‘Legitimate’ film shows Roswell alien at Area 51
– Metallic orb sent by aliens?

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  1. I am intrigued by what might be up in the night sky and spend much time looking up to see what I can see. I have not seen an actual space craft as such but I have seen an intense light appear high up in the night sky, get extremely bright and then disappear. I sometimes see tiny little lights drifting around in the back paddock, but the strangest thing I have seen on two seperate occasions a couple of months ago is a small ball floating around. It appeared to be metal and slightly bigger than a baseball, it had 3 flashing lights set in a row on the front of it. It wasn’t very high up, the second time it drifted overhead ( I was in the backyard as I always am when sky watching,) the ball drifted over me toward the front yard. It went over the roof of the house and hovered in the front yard for a few minutes. Then a second metal object drifted over me, this one was a similar shape and size to a Nintendo game controller, it also had three? Flashing lights on the front of it. It headed toward the floating ball and they drifted off somewhere, I couldn’t see where and havnt seen either since. Neither made a noise nor moved very quickly. They weren’t very bright either, if I wasn’t looking up I would never have noticed them. Has anybody seen something like this or could you let me know what I have seen?

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