Horse-Shaped Object Captured On Video Near Colima Volcano in Mexico

Horse Shaped UFO

An erupting volcano caught on video would be a great footage to watch, but a webcam hosted by Webcams de Mexico shot more than the incredible eruption as its video also shows a strange horse-shaped UFO.

The Mexican volcano named Colima, located around 300 miles west of Mexico City, forced residents near the area to evacuate because of its several eruptions in recent weeks. Webcams de Mexico captured these several eruptions on video through its webcam.

Daily Mail says that one of these videos shows a dark, horse-shaped UFO. The apparent flying object has two legs. It came into view out of nowhere and disappeared moments later.

The media outlet reports that the UFO hunters believe it could be an extraterrestrial vessel. They further made reference to past sightings at volcanic eruptions in Mexico. One witness was quoted by the media outlet saying that the UFO entity has a gigantic body, and it looks like a horse floating in the sky.

It had two extremities at the bottom, a bulging middle, and a thin top, but the legs were not moving, the witness described. The Daily Mail also reports that authorities in Mexico are investigating about the UFO sighting on video.

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