Stephen Hawking Says Alien Contact Could Lead To Catastrophe

Stephen Hawking

Scientists have received a warning from Stephen William Hawking against their attempts to contact aliens and let them know that humans are here on Earth.

Efforts to beam messages from Earth have intensified in recent years in the hope to finally make contact with other intelligent beings from another planet. But renowned physicist Hawking doesn’t in favor on these attempts saying that it could result in a catastrophic event.

Hawking stressed that the alien visitation on Earth would be much like when Columbus came to America, which did more harm than good to Natives.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in California has been using the most advanced telescopes to send data to nearby planets and stars.

Science advisor in the box office hit film Battleship, Seth Shostak of SETI, said that they have plans to pick star systems within 20 light years. However, NASA consultant and American scientist David Brin has issued a caution saying that the contact would inevitably transform human destiny and that the attempts should only be done if the whole world is on the same page.

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  1. “Hawking stressed that the alien visitation on Earth would be much like when Columbus came to America, which did more harm than good to Natives.”
    We were also very primitive at that time and humans have evolved morally since then. So I believe this is not a fair comparison. I think its an insult to compare an advanced being to our immoral ancestors. To assume an advanced ET being, much more advanced than we are today, would be equal to our primitive ancestors is just narrow thinking. I don’t agree with Hawkins theory.

  2. I understand what he’s saying…inviting an unknown guest into your house change your house forever, and not necessarily for the better.
    We really don’t know who may come to dinner.
    As far as us being so much more moral and “advanced”, than the Spanish were when they took over and devastated the “Native American Cultures” they encountered, and their lust for gold, profit and making a name for themselves, I think little has changed. I think It is the “aliens”, that would see us as a threat due to our aggressive, arrogant, ambitious, and yet still primitive thinking and behaviour. We are still the ameba in this part of the universe.

  3. Well, Things can hardly be worse, the climate is going haywire, wars are ongoing, goddamned terrorists are everywhere, so YES, let them just arrive to complete the circle

  4. For ET to get to our Planet they would have to be technologically way more advanced than us which also means that they would have superior inteligence. Nature teaches us that a being with superior strength and intellect are more often than not a Predator who just takes what it wants. So, I would agree with Steven Hawking.

  5. A superior and advanced intelligence would probably not want to mingle with us openly.
    Maybe we are the universe’s Disneyland, nice to enjoy for a day or two, but wouldn’t want to live there.
    And the way we are going, a smart alien would just have to wait a bit for us to destroy ourselves then walk in to mop up.

  6. The problem is, we live in a free-for-all-world, where might makes right, wealth rules, and anybody who has the means can decide on a personal whim to hang all of us out to dry by attempting to contact alien races who just might drop by to see if we taste good.

    • This brings to memory the, Twilight Zone Episode, where Aliens come to Earth, and are taking all humans to their planet to, teach them how to live better, however, when the Aliens first arrived they gave the World leaders a huge book to decipher, after a year or so, they finally deciphered the title……………. ‘How To Serve Man’.

  7. They have been here for eons. We get technology, they get our natural resources and humans for medical and psychological experimentation. Seems fair to me. If you can’t beat’s, join’em. Or survive until you can beat them.

  8. Every time I read garbage like this, I lose more and more respect for the man.

    Yet another unscientific proclamation, with absolutely no basis, made by a celebrity scientist in order to brainwash humans into believing something that isn’t true. I would really like to know where he is drawing these conclusions from.. Perhaps his extensive experience and knowledge of E.T. cultures? Or maybe his extensive experience and knowledge of E.T. psychology and behavior? Or… most likely, this is just more non-scientific celebrity propaganda designed to convince all humans that ALL E.T. civilizations out there would behave EXACTLY like 15th century humans if they visited our planet, who’s primary activity was and still is tribal warfare. Please, Mr Hawking, show me “ONE” piece of scientific evidence that proves anything of what you’re saying is evenly remotely plausible.

    He’s starting to remind me of Donald Menzel and from this point on, I will assume that (like Donald Menzel) Hawking has been and still is doing “side work” for the CIA’s Psychological Warfare efforts.

  9. The point is They know we are here – always have! And we don’t need to ‘invited them’, we’ve been doing this since the invention of radio and television. How could a top scientist like Hawkins not comprehend this?

  10. Seti is a fraud designed to fool the masses . Either his computers been hacked or he,s lost it . I agree with the last message ,,even the solar system is teaming with life .

  11. well if the smartest man on the planet cant work out what is going on this planet at the moment is already a catastrophe, then he has nothing to say worth listening to.

  12. The human race is not prepared emotionally, physically, mentally, economically, intellectually, and spiritually to make any contact with advanced life forms.

    There’s already plenty of evidence to suggest this.

  13. They’ve always been here its just a matter of who’s openminded and can peacefully accept them as apart of our family and give up this power trip everyone is on that holds us back from the truth of knowledge…

  14. Hello! Does he not know that aliens crashed here over 65 years ago? I think he’s watched Independence day one too many times. How could our world get anymore Fed up than it already is? Lets just stick our heads in the sand and pretend everything is super. For someone so smart he has no common sense.

  15. I have to agree with Hawkins. Look at our history from an outside view. We, as in the collective human race, are conquers. We are warriors without a place to go because we have essentially conquered the earth. The only reason for trying to contact others would be to try to conquer them. And let`s face facts, if they can get here, then we are ones who will be outclassed. They will have superior technology. It would be like someone from this century going back to the beginning of civilisation and bringing their technology with them. It just won`t be pretty. For us or them.

  16. Most scientists have huge egos. Thats why most of them dont believe, or wont admit, that their is a superior intelligence on this planet and in this solar system. Most scientists are puppets to the agendas of the people that are funding their research and signing their paychecks.

  17. i love all of these comments for and against his theories! i don’t go by anyone’s theories. only know what i saw and assume by my own experience. i know we are not superior.

  18. Well the way I see it is we have different humans Indians Japanese we don’t look alike so lets say we could travel through the stars and we stopped at a planet that had Japanese humans and another had aboriginals and so on and we decided hey all these different races what say we put them all on a planet with the same air in different parts and see how they get on over time and we will keep an eye on them and point them in the right direction from time to time and that’s why U.F.O.Have always been around and will make contact when we grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It must be apparent by now ..that they have been coming here long before the dinosaurs. Last estimate was visitation by around 80 species with different agendas, how can you not understand this when airline pilots , military ,police,traffic controllers have reported them , not to mention the shutting of nuclear missile silos by alien craft. It is clear that most species do not want contact with us ,while others have plans for us . We are being protected by some highly advanced beings ,,whilst there are those who would like to destroy us.It amuses me how humans are so ignorant of this. With as much evidence to fill the Federal library ,, they ignore all the evidence ! Pathetic !

  20. Will the way i see it is u.f.o. have aways been around and have not killed no one Aliens are the Enemy Man’s first Enemy was darkness.
    Understanding this one “Fact” alone. people can readily see why the
    greatest and most trustworthy friend the human race could ever have
    was by far. heaven’s greatest gift to the world… that glorious rising
    Orb of Day… THE SUN.

  21. It’s been a disaster, we’re right in the middle. Complicated as the current situation is can not be it. Contact is there to Extraterestrischen proof is the FBI Act 1947, the net .Verstehen like and what it says is hard to borrow, but it is realistic. Now if we continue to behave as before US example, it will lead to disaster. It may be the world’s first religiously and politically traveling off its hinges, and the Healthwise is the big problem .Contact but yes only on distance .We are made of carbon which is when the Extraterestrischen on silicon or an energy basis exist which can not come into contact with carbon ? Our physics is not as far must .Deswegen to determine all and process to be careful but also enlighten, a contact is a risk to humans

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