Latest UFO Crash Incident In Manitoba: Seen By Many and Reported By Different Individuals

manitoba ufo crashMysterious lights were seen over Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, Canada last week. UFOlogists suspect a UFO crash into Lake Winnipeg as military forces allegedly spotted on snowmobiles pulling a massive disc out of the lake. But in response to reports about the UFO crash and recovery, Canadian Forces said it was merely a military training exercise. Seriously?

manitobaOn Wednesday night, February 18, reports started to make rounds on social media about the lights over Lake Winnipeg. According to the Facebook post by Brent Mancheese, there were reports about the UFO crash on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Allegedly, vehicles of the Canadian Military were lined up on the north shore. Taking pictures in the scene was strictly prohibited, and the army even issued a threat to anybody who tried to do so. Lots of eyewitnesses were in the area. These witnesses apparently saw a round object being hauled across the lake and pulled out by snowmobiles and bombardier. Eight fishermen reported the incident, but Mancheese wonders why the authorities did not let the media know if it was a plane crash.

In another report, bad thing happened to one witness with a camera. It said that a disc shaped craft was spotted diving into the frozen lake. At least one witness managed to get a photo of the craft. Unfortunately, that person has since been detained by the Canadian military.

According to Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, the Canadian army was taking part in Exercise Arctic Bison 2015, a program that trains military personnel to handle emergencies in harsh environments. Was UFO crash emergency included in the training? Davies said not so.

UFO crash
Government vehicles arriving at site of crash

Davies, the commanding officer of 38 Territorial Battalion Group, explained that there were no aliens or a UFO and just his friends in the Air Force helping them on this exercise.

So, what about those UFO reports? Davies said that it was a craft with quick takeoff capabilities. He explained that it may have appeared like it was going straight up in the air from a distance, but in reality it wasn’t.

Seeing an airplane taking off from a frozen lake is quite unusual. So, what about the crash reports? What about the large disc-shaped object? What about the evidence in the photograph? What about the eyewitnesses?

What actually transpired at Lake Winnipeg last week?

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    • it is outrageous and should not be accepted by anyone that the military has detained a canadian citizen for taking a photo.

      by what right do they do this? people should be demanding to know what they are hiding – they are very obviously hiding something, there is no other explanation for their behavior.

      people should be sick to death of this bs secrecy crap.

  1. The usual and now accepted is if it were normal too out of focus to work with fuzzy picture (of course), but the deliberately blurry object shown looks very much like a deflated hot air balloon. If any of you readers make alien contact, and they want to give our planet a gift, PLEASE! Ask them for a decent camera.

    • With all due respect, instead of waiting for the perfect, in focus. crisply resolved, digital photograph of an alleged alien or ET vehicle to drop into your lap or onto your monitor screen, I suggest you make a little effort and do a search for these images. I assure you the thing that you seek is present in great abundance on line and in print media and has been for some time. If this is too much to ask then kindly refrain from making a mockery of those who sincerely and successfully pursue this topic, with perfectly adequate cameras I might add.

  2. There were bright lights and helicopters over a small town in Saskatchewan on Wednesday night, which nobody can find an explanation for. They are not far as the crow flies from there to Manitoba.

  3. Ufology Research/ Chris Rutkowski-Canada´s top Ufologist
    Sunday, February 22, 2015
    Hit the road, Jack…
    No, there was no “UFO Crash” at Jackhead

  4. I have gone a looked at a few things over the years that people have found, and I’ve always advised them not to share what they found with any authorities. I’m waiting now to be contacted by some people who told me they have a UFO hidden in a barn and they think it’s still functional. I haven’t heard from them yet, but when I do I will not share that information unless I can give it to the whole country at once. Will just have to wait and see.

  5. I feel sorry for any living being who crashes on our planet….hope they died instantly and don’t have to stay here, prayers to them! Trying to cover up these situations is ridiculous and quite insulting.

  6. This is so obviously a fake scare story; the writer has no idea about the area he writes about. Anyone who lives in Canada will recognize that the town/village of Manitoba, Manitoba is nowhere near Lake Winnipeg, I mean it obvious just from the map alone. I really wish people would stop doing this. All this type of story does is rattle the loony (pun intended) tree.

    • Hey “fake scares” obviously if you were any type of Canadian or anyone with a basic understanding of geography, you would know that Manitoba is a province (same idea as a state). The jackhead reserve is much closer to the manigotogan point on the map. Take your two “loonies” and get yourself a double double

        • It is quite amusing that SOME people have not a clue about Canadian provinces but pretend they do and make an idiot of him/herself when the circle on the map is the provincial name and just so happens to be in the north eastern part of the province on the map where I grew up for 30 years….Gillam …geography lesson for “fake scares”

    • Oh it tis to laugh! Manitoba (to anyone who lives in Canada) is Not a town it’s a Province! And Lake Winnipeg is in that Province! It is the reserve of Jackhead they are talking about. Also in the Province of Manitoba!

    • im not sure about it being a hotair balloon but i feel like the government took the UFO to that area 51 base the day after the crash

  7. You will NEVER uncover the truth !! your so called government are working with aliens to take you over.. HAHAHAHAHA !!!! signed ,,the cigarette smoking man .

  8. Next time theres a crash grab somethin take it home and when these men in black show up shoot one of them cause they never identify themselves. Dont hand over shit hide it

  9. Where do they get the government authorities who lie, conceal and threaten persons who report UFO experiences?
    Assholes Are Us?

  10. Drake’s theory says there a billion possible planets/moons where life could exist in the universe. The part of the univrese in which we live (Earth,Mars,our sun)is quite young in comparison to other areas where the “Big Bang” originated. These area were formed millions of years before the Earth became inhabitable to humans, therefore it is likely these inhabitants of outer space may have developed intelligence that exceeds what we currently comprend in science. If these being do exist, let’s hope we can establish a relationship benefical for all(humans and EBB). My biggest worry is some diabolical government(eg; N Korea, Iran, ect.)may establish contact and use alien technology to hold the World hostage or worse. If the Canadian military, the US military, the British military, the ANZAC(aussie/New Zea)military have found these extra-terrestial lets make friends with beings and advance our military protection from terrorists (both domestic and foreign). If there are extra-terrestials, the military needs to keep this a secret from foreign prying eyes. God willing, our ET is more powerful than theirs(ie;Yaweh vs ananakki, David vs Goliath ).

    • Rob Lubich, you can’t be serious. If it was real then there’s NO WAY in hell it’d be on World news. That’s the last thing they’d ever let happen. It’s people like you that they love, one’s that easily believe their cover-ups and go along with anything that they say. WAKE UP PEOPLE! They’re out there and we need to embrace contact before we lose the opportunity and they move on to more interesting civilizations than us. If we simply look away when there’s evidence right in front of us, then we’ll be the ones who ultimately suffer. They’re either here as spectators or they’re here as teachers. Either way, they’re f’ing here!!!

  11. to many people are making fun of everything about ufo reports, believe me, they are here and have been for many years I have seen them on a few occasions and I know how important it is, the governments of the world do not want the general public to know as it would completely undo all that we have here like religion ect and would probably cause mass panic in the whole world. so less of the wise cracks and be serious..

  12. By what right does the military detain a citizen of canada for taking a photo? It is absolutely sickening that this sort of thing is still going on. People should demand an end to the bs secrecy and deception around this particular subject. It is criminal to withhold info that is of scientific interest.

  13. Evidence of extraterrestrials is overwhelming. While it may be a stretch of the imagination to some, it is more believeable than the United States governments’ ongoing campaign of dis-information & outright lies. The presence of E.T.’s may be a saving grace in that “they” might well save us from ourselves IF a nuclear war were to break out. The thought of U.F.O.’s & alien beings is less scary than the thought of unstable humans controlling something that could wipe out life as we know it.

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