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Your UFO reports: 14th February – 21st February 2015
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Solon, OH around 41°25’18.6″N 81°28’46.5″W – February 22, 2015
I was driving down U.S 422 and a double green light in the sky caught my eye. I was on the phone with my fiance, so I told him to hold on while I totally took my eyes off the road and significantly slowed down to look at this light in the sky. It was weird to me because I’ve never seen anything green like this in the sky, it was like two round lights touching eachother–pretty much overlapping a little bit. It was moving to the left in the sky as a plane would, but then it started moving right. Now my eyes stayed glued to these lights because I could not believe or even identify what I was seeing. When it moved to the right it was a faster rate than what a plane would fly, then it just stopped and stayed in one area not moving at all. It could not have been a helicopter because it looked too high and too small. There was nothing to it other than just these lights. I then drove out of the sight of it and could not see it anymore. I could not get a picture or video because I was on
the phone and driving. I have been speechless since and immediately came home and started researching.
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Clearwater Beach, FL – 2/21/15
UFO FloridaMy sister took this.
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Barrie Ontario Canada – Feb 16 2015
A bright light to the right side of the sun. Clear day at 3:00 pm


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Rotterdam, New York – February 2015
I’m seeing them all over Rotterdam NY not sure on what they are or mean
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Highgate hill, Brisbane – 25-7-2014
I captured a video the other day and I would like to know what you guys think of it. There is an unidentified flying object flying over an airplane. It could be a meteor or something but I would appreciate it if you could review it.
Youtube video link:
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Akron, Ohio – 15 Feb 2015
hi, i wanted to share a video with you, i got this last night, i see them every night when our skies are clear, in akron, ohio, i have more videos on my you tube channel.
Youtube video link:
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Phoenix, Arizona – 13 Feb 2015
I am a long haul truck driver. This past Friday afternoon I was traveling east on I-10 about 70 miles west of Phoenix Arizona. I saw a white football shaped object traveling southeast at a very high rate of speed at what I figured to be 1000 feet in altitude. About 3 seconds later 2 fighter jets were traveling the same direction at a high rate of speed. When I got to Buckeye Arizona I saw 6 Blackhawk helicopters flying west southwest. Has anyone else reported seeing this or am I going crazy?
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Enid Oklahoma – Feb 2015
Youtube video link:
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