UFO Over Cornwall On A Photograph


A picture recently circulated online showing people looking at a mysterious object. Experts are left baffled with this UFO in the skies over Cornwall, UK. They encourage anyone who can help identify the unusual aerial object that was spotted above a beach in Bude few days ago to come forward.

Founder of the Cornwall UFO group, Dave Gillham, said that it looks triangular, but he has no idea about the identity of that thing.

After the Ministry of Defence (MOD) stopped the line for people who want to report UFOs, the data about the subject has since been collected by independent organisations, such as the UK UFO and British UFO Research Association.

The MOD said that it has no opinion about the existence of extra-terrestrial life or otherwise. However, it noted that no UFO report has revealed any proof of a potential threat to the UK in over 50 years of collecting such data. In this connection, MOD said that it will no longer receive report on UFO sightings or investigate them.

John Wickham of BUFORA said that since the shutdown of the MOD line for UFO report, they have received a massive increase in calls. Wickham noted that most reported sightings are explainable with some research, but if a military is involved, the MOD are willing to call it a UFO to keep their secrets. However, Wickham stressed that they always respect the beliefs of everyone.

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  1. “The bizarre object sparked mystery for days until Van Johnive claimed the object was in fact his uncle’s remote-controlled seagull.
    He told the Cornish Guardian: ‘I can confirm that the “UFO” in the photo was my great uncle’s Seagull RC Plane with a camera.
    ‘The photos are of before and during flight of the Seagull before we crashed it upon landing on the cliff.
    ‘Please apologise for the confusion for us. Thanks.’
    The lightweight model ‘aircraft’ is inspired by a seagull – complete with lifelike features and colourings – and is operated with an aerial and radio.
    It is not known whether it was being used for fun or as a deterrent to other birds of prey in the area.
    It has also not been confirmed by any experts whether it was in fact the ‘seagull’ which was the UFO in the photographs.
    The supposed revelation sparked surprise online, with many finding it rather amusing.
    Jade Louise Ullrich wrote: ‘So funny. The councils should get a load of these and use them outside food establishments to stop us getting attacked.’
    While Lesley Hands added: ‘Brilliant! If only all of life’s mysteries were solved so easily.’
    However, Mr Gillham said he was still rather dubious that the object was the remote-controlled seagull and not something more sinister, such as aliens.
    He told MailOnline: ‘I don’t know whether it is that. One of the problems with the photo is that it was taken on a low resolution phone. I’ve tried to zoom in but all I get is a pixelated image.
    ‘I did notice that in the top left-hand side there was a very bright area, a white light.
    ‘One of things you’ve got to try and work out is the distance from the camera, where the object was seen.
    ‘It’s hard to judge because it’s over the sea and the camera is quite far away but it seems a bit big to me to be a model seagull.’
    Mr Gillham said he had never come across remote or radio-controlled seagulls before.
    He said: ‘It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, it seems he has some pretty hefty gear to fly it with.
    ‘If the resolution was a lot better, I could’ve zoomed in and actually seen what it was but when I zoomed in you could just see black.’

  2. It’s most likely a kite. as a matter of fact ,as time goes by it shows that every video and picture has an explanation, either manmade or faked one way or the other, but maybe one day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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